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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Blind leading the blind...

Tonight I heard something on Tv that really inspired me. I wish that I could say that it was from a National Convention or some really smart news anchor... But it wasn't. It was from a show that I rarely admit to watching... Although I TiVo it religiously... I am ashamed to say that I was actually inspired by an episode of.... Nip/Tuck. The normally inane and frequently racy show introduced a new character tonight... She is blind. She had a line that really stuck with me...
"The one advantage to being blind is that you are not afraid of the unknown... Everything is unknown."
Fear had no control over her because there was so much to be afraid of that she became a risk-taker by force.

I teach acting... I push students to take risks in their work. I ask them to trust themselves and stretch muscles that are uncomfortable to stretch. I teach them that it is ok to be silly and to make a fool of yourself because out of such lack of control comes growth and possibly on a miraculous day... art. I ask them to believe in themselves and to learn to trust their instinct... even though we have been conditioned to ignore those "hunches" and to shut out the most creative and intuitive sides of ourselves. And the funny thing is... they actually do it. They actually grow and trust and believe and let the silly activities they practice in acting class become a permanent part of who they are. They love me. I hear them repeat things I have said to them as if a wise sage said it. They send cards and emails to thank me... They say that I have inspired them. They miss me when they graduate.

I am a fake. I am not a risk taker. I am afraid of so many things. My whole life revolves around my constant fear of the unknown.


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