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Thursday, September 02, 2004

My Top Ten

Top Ten Things I Will No Longer Pray For If God Will Grant Me a Healthy Baby

1. To wake up and miraculously be 115 pounds and 3 inches taller.
2. To find a winning lottery ticket on the ground and become a zillionaire.
3. To let my divorced parents somehow fall in love again and remarry... Even though they have been divorced for many years and are married to other people.
4. To make all fast food (especially McDonald's) be discovered to be good for you.
5. To give me a job where I watch TV for a living and make at least $200,000 a year.
6. To make my dog Emmitt able to talk and tell me he needs to go outside BEFORE he pees on the carpet.
7. To let my hubby know that I am directionally challenged and that he should drive me everywhere.
8. To let me know how to play piano or ice skate like a pro without ever having to take a lesson.
9. To make all my students understand the importance of silence.
10. You give me a self cleaning house and a washing machine that washes, dries, folds and puts away my clothes.


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