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Friday, September 03, 2004

E X P E C T I N G... not in the good way.

Well,I finally got the courage to call and ask about my bloodwork (re: possible Lupus... not pg) and the nurse was really nice... Really nice when she told me that they didn't have the results and probably wouldn't for a few more days!!! UUUUGGGGHHHH...

WHY DID THEY (the stupid lab people) TELL ME THAT I SHOULD "EXPECT" THE RESULTS WITHIN 24 HOURS!!!! THE SAID "EXPECT"!!!! THAT IS WHAT I WAS TOLD TO DO!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN OBSESSING FOR 3 DAYS... 72 HOURS! I HAVE BEEN "E X P E C T I N G" these results for the whole stupid time and now I will probably have to wait through the weekend! (AND hubby and I were planning to BD (I hate that term) to TTC THIS weekend!!!!!) It is more I am planning... hubby doesn't seem to want to know when "the days" are AND he thinks we should do what the perinatal specialist Dr. "STAY ON TOPIC and stop talking to us about theatre and showtunes and tell me about my blood work" said and wait until October. I just think October was an arbitrary month Dr. SOT picked because I saw him in August. My last m/c was in June... that is 3 months ago. I AM ON CD 13 AND I AM "EXPECTED" TO WAIT????????? Oh well the Dr. SOT said to wait.... probably because he knows the lab people are soooooo freaking SLOW


I think I either need to not wait for the lab results or get a condom!!!! Either way... we are doing IT this weekend! Should we throw caution to the wind or obey the doctor????

I DON"T WANT TO WAIT ANOTHER MONTH!!!!!!!! (unless of course I am going to have yet another m/c... if I am... then I think I'll wait.)


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