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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Well.. well.. well... look who decided to write a blog after over two weeks! I apologise for the time lapse... but I have been so incredibly busy with school and my moonlighting that I have barely found time to do anything else!

Would you believe that I am still sick??? I am still hacking away and taking cough medicine after a whooping 5 weeks! I started feeling this cold about a week before Halloween!!!!! have been to the doctor twice & done a round of antibiotics! This week I do seem at least to finally be getting a bit better. The doctor thinks it is all allergy related that turned into an upper respiratory and sinus infections since I never ran a fever. So hopefully I am at the tail end of this. I have never been sick for so long in my life!

We had a lovely thanksgiving with my brother, aunt and uncle at my house. I went to Market and got the entire turkey dinner there... all we had to do was cook it for 2 hours and warm all the sides! It was perfect! I felt so stressed about "warming" everything properly that I can't even imagine those of you that cook all this stuff from scratch... Kudos to you... for me it was a big accomplishment to warm up everything right!

On Friday after Thanksgiving (while most of you were shopping) I opened my big kids show of FROSTY THE SNOW.MAN at the theatre I moonlight for. The papers reviewed it and called it a "must see" and "adorable" so I am happy... it runs through December 23... but as for my part as the director I am done... I will see the show a couple more times before it closes (because my hubby is in it) but other than that I am on to the next project.

At school we open our next show on Wednesday... I am the technical director and my co-teacher directed. So I will be in rehearsals all weekend to make sure it is ready to go on Wednesday. So I have another crazy week ahead.

I have no idea when I will Christmas shop... I will probably do what I usually do... knock it all out in one 8 hours shopping and wrapping frenzy. I have no clue what anyone wants (including myself) and I just wish people would give out lists!!!

As for ttc.... basically we have not. I mean not even tried. We were supposed to try right at Thanksgiving but both of us were so busy or so tired or so sick that we didn't. So if there was an egg it was wasted. I am thinking about doing another clomid cycle as soon as AF comes (probably next week) and I am also thinking of skipping another cycle and waiting until January.

So that is it... my last two weeks in a nutshell. I will try to post more often. Thanks for being concerned about me! I still visit your blogs every day... even when I don't have the chance to post! Miss you all!


Blogger Fertilize Me said...

BUSY BUSY BUSY! I do hope that illness leaves very soon. That is WAY to long to feel run down. I haven't done any shopping either. I ned to get on it.. I saw ..only 24 more days left. Great job on the show review and good luck with the next one.

2:04 PM  
Blogger Angi said...

Good to see you back! Don't worry about the wasted egg - if that was the ONLY thing of concern then we all would've had our kids in our 20's during our first marriages. And trust me, I'm glad to have "wasted" those eggs while waiting for THE RIGHT ONE.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

Thank goodness that you are back! I was starting to worry! I am glad that you are finally starting to feel better!

7:50 AM  

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