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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! (updated with pics!)

Still here... still waiting.

I have been thinking about blogging for a long time... but it is hard to feel inspired lately. The wait is getting so hard and long... it is over 8 months now. I think and wonder about Finley almost constantly. I am getting so antsy and now I understand the meaning of the old saying "so close and yet so far..." Almost everything is ready. The nursery - check, enough diapers for about a week - check, Breast pump - check, enough formula for a few days - Check, clothes - triple check. I was worried that I don't have a car seat yet but Nicole made me promise not to buy one... she swears someone will want to buy that for us and told me if Fin comes before we have one to just swing by and pick up hers on the way to Lubbock. I also need to order a supplemental nursing system which involves feeling the baby formula through a tube at the breast... maybe I will order that today. Other than that... I really should try and wait for a shower or a after she is here shower instead of spending any more $$.

The project that we are working on now is refinishing a changing table we found on Craig's List. It is actually a small antique buffet for silver and china but it is the perfect size for a custom changing table. We have stained it a dark cherry to match our bedroom furniture and now we have to put a polyurathane (sp?) sealer on it and decide on knobs.

Christmas was great! I got a ton of clothes, a few gift certificates, some smell good stuff, a beautiful lavender scarf, a gorgeous long sweater, a new green purse and an iphone. Finn made out like a bandit with some infant toys from, clothes for infants all the way up to 18 months, her first tricycle, a cupcake backpack, earrings, and a food processor!

So just because I am not posting doesn't mean I am not thinking of Finn... she is always there... Maybe I think about her so much that posting seems overwhelming. There is so much love here waiting for her and I know that this waiting part is the hardest part. Please continue to pray for us and Finley Elisse... and that the "phone call of our lives" comes soon!

Went shopping today at some after Christmas sales so I thought I would add to this post and share!

First, the most amazing little brown and polka dot jacket for next fall... or spring... It is 12 months... so we will see when she can wear it. Next a cute ensemble of embroidered jeans and a hippy dippy top... along with two kick choices (3M). Then, an overly expensive crocheted birdie rattle that I could not leave the store without.. ANOTHER pink sleeper :), and finally a brown floral sundress with brown mary janes (3M). Oh... I just can't wait for her to get here. It makes me so excited to find this that Mr. D. and I love for her... and yet breaks my heart a little that she is not here yet!


Blogger Mommy Attorney said...

I just wanted you to know that there are still folks out there wishing and hoping for you. I wish you all the best and I hope that you don't have to wait too much longer to take Finn home with you!

3:57 PM  
Blogger MrsSSG said...

I check back weekly and am praying for you that Finn is in your lives soon (she is lucky because she is already in your hearts!)

4:07 PM  
Blogger Piccinigirl said...

I am checking back constantly, my prayers are that Finn is on her way to your home, goodness knows she is already in your hearts!!

Happy 2009, hoping this is the year that changes your whole life.


11:45 AM  
Blogger Sporty said...

You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that you are holding your little girl in your arms VERY soon!

Take care.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Heather W. said...

Hang in ther hun. Once she is here, you'll wonder where the time goes! LOL, although I know that doesn't help your anticipation right now. I can't wait until the day I open this blog and read that she is here!!

9:54 AM  
Blogger Piccinigirl said...

those outfits are GORGEOUS!!! So cute

8:54 AM  

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