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Monday, September 01, 2008

cd 2 again....

I am still using this blog to keep track of my periods... not sure why... old habit I guess.

Here are a few things that have been on my mind...

#1 - I go between planning and praying for my baby and feeling secure and content.... to feeling scared that it will never happen... that somehow this is a big adoption scam... that I will never have a real baby girl in my arms. My adoption attorney calls it "pregnancy hormones". Anyone feel like this during your wait? There is little to do now but realize that everything is out of my control and all I can do is wait... and pray... oh yeah.. and pay.

#2 - We are back to school. Mr D. and I had a wonderful and packed summer and yet somehow it feels like it flew by! Last week as I started school I felt literally like I had just been gone for a long weekend. This is my 12th year teaching high school theatre... so maybe I am somewhat on autopilot... but dang... it seems like we just got out!

#3 - I love shopping at our local kids resale shop. Yesterday Mr. D. and I got 7 little outfits for $18. The are all in great shape! Finn is going to have so many clothes... and we have decided we are going to have to start playing the lottery... there are just so many cute things for little girls out there!

#4 - I have to start back to the gym. 'Nuff said.

#5 - I don't trust anyone in politics... but I don't trust this Sarah Palin chick the most.

#6 - I can't wait for fall TV to start.

#7 - I am not sure what to do about the fact that my youngest kitty Snoopy think that Finley's crib is a giant cat bed just for him. I have tried foil in the crib (he just snuggles up on top of the foil) and net over the bed (he still just jump on in and lays on the netting). Any suggestions?

#8 - Has anyone invested in a really good camera? What kind is it and did it make that much of a difference? I want my pictures to be better... but is paying $500 and learning how to use a massive camera really the key?

That is it for now... I hope to hear from you on some of these issues....


Blogger Michelle said...

#7 Let the cat sleep there. You can and will wash the bedding again when the time comes. Until then the cat will continue to sleep there. Once your daughter - where ever she may be - arrives the cat will instantly stop sleeping there. I promise. Ours did. 8-)

7:09 PM  
Blogger TC said...

Michelle is probably right that the cat will give up on the crib as soon as Finn arrives. If you're not comfortable with that solution, you can try what we did--double-sided tape. We put double-sided tape on the mattress before removing the plastic from the mattress (you could probably put the tape on several large sheets of paper or something). Our cat jumped in once, then jumped right back out and never tried it again. We removed the plastic (with the tape) a few weeks later, after we were confident he wasn't going to jump back in. It doesn't hurt--it's just really uncomfortable. I'm sure it will be fine either way. We actually have three cats (the other two just never tried jumping in the crib for some reason), and none of them (with their vastly different personalities) gave us any trouble when our son was born.

5:09 AM  
Blogger Leslee said...

I'm excited for you! I love my Sony CyberShot... It's an older models but the new models are just as good! Practice taking photos now so that you're a pro by the time Finn arrives!

8:11 AM  
Blogger Sarah Abrahams said...

I felt just like you describe during our wait (tending probably more toward the scared side, honestly). It was so hard to have everything out of my control. I spent a lot of time praying during those months. In the end we have the most beautiful baby boy imaginable now, so of course it was all worth it.
I'm praying for you to.

2:17 PM  
Blogger MrsSSG said...

I did end up buying a Canon DSLR (Canon Rebel Kiss) it is an older model and I bought it refurbished, retail is about 700-800 and I paid 350. I feel it is definetely worth the nicer camera and lens to take better pictures - photoshop helps too ;)

4:52 PM  
Blogger juneheller said...

check out photography blogs and look at the angles they use...also, the key to good photos is to take a ton a pictures, use a digital camera, it doesn't have to be professional grade, make sure its small enough for the diaper bag so that you'll want to bring it everywhere. save the big money for a professional photo session!

6:36 PM  
Blogger Heather W. said...

I also have a Sony Cybershot and love it. I have heard good things about the Canon Rebel though, it's just more complex.

About the crib, have you tried this kind of crib tent? and honestly, I wish I would have used one from the get-go with Brinlee, because she learned how to climb out of the crib at 18 months, which was a bummer! But if I would have started with one of these, she would have never tried it, and she would have been used to the tent.

Oh, and summer really did fly by! When I said by to the kiddos this morning, it was like I had just done that same routine, it certainly didn't feel like 3 months had gone by!

5:02 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

We have a Kodak Easy Share - very easy. It takes quality pictures, but not amazing pictures. I like that I can pick it up and quickly take a piture - not too many bells and whistles I have to figure out that I end up missing those cute smiles.

BTW, I'm formerly "Baby be Mine" - Now "Tickled Pink."

Thinking about you and checking in daily...

11:56 AM  
Blogger Piccinigirl said...

I have no advice, our camera is a Canon (the smaller digital one) and I love it because I assure you once you have a child, the LAST thing you want to be lugging around is a heavy camera. This one fits into my purse or diaper bag.

just glad that you are excited and scared and "expecting". She'll be here before you know it.

I was thinking that summer just started and it's gone. It has been so hard to realize that it['s going to be crisp and cold soon. It just flew by.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Marceli said...

You should go with a Sony Cybershot. Very good pictures, very easy to use and most of all very light. When they’re infants you have time to “pose” them, but the minute they become somewhat mobile you will be struggling with something too big.

I am very happy and excited for you. The first time I came across your blog I was pregnant, and while looking for blogs with other pregnant woman going through tough pregnancies I found your post “I Hate Pregnant Women”. I was very intrigued by it. I was going through a rough time because I had just came out of the scare of a full placenta previa to discover that my then 16 week fetus son had an hemangioma in his liver… At the time no one knew how things would develop and they gave me a 50/50 chance until he got big enough to survive outside the womb. It was funny that your post actually gave me comfort… I totally agree with you about people complaining when pregnant. I am not going to deny that I felt miserable most of the time. But I used to say that never in my life had I been so happy about feeling so miserable because with each “symptom” I felt I knew something important was happening to support my son’s life outside my womb. Thanks to my Lord he is now a super healthy 14 month old that never stops and is always happy.

With that I took interest in you, your story, your pain that in a strange way I could relate to. I constantly think about you and pray for you family. I was very happy to see your joy at the adoption agency. I am a firm believer that the biological aspect of parenthood is only one (small) facet of this beautiful process of raising a child. You will find joy and love that you could never imagined possible once you see your daughter in your arms, I know that.

I wish you all the best, and I will stop by every once in a while. God bless.


9:25 AM  
Blogger Kenya said...

HELL YEAH to #5 and #7!!!!

7:53 PM  
Blogger Crazy Me said...

Looks like you are going to become a super scrapper like me! Go with the smaller, portable camera. I carry mine in my purse and use it ALL the time!

8:22 AM  
Blogger Crazy Me said...

Hey woman, come read my blog. We got a GREAT review for my play. Yay!!

9:34 AM  
Blogger joanie said...

we have a canon powershot sd630. it takes great pics and is user friendly. i loathe reading directions, so this works for me. it also takes great video, when i am on the go with my 2 boys. but i am wanting longer video, so i will be on the lookout.

on the adoption front... have faith and trust all things come to past, although it may not seem so wne you are in the thick of it. my best friend is in ethiopia as i type getting her daughter. i have traveled his road from the beginning with her and cannot believe i will met this little girl before too long!

(serial lurker, and reader)

5:37 PM  
Blogger Kari said...

I love my Canon G9...and it is a 12.1 megapixel, so you don't have to worry about replacing it any time soon....

3:28 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I think you're in Texas, but I'm not sure where. I hope Ike is not in your path. Stay safe.

5:06 AM  
Blogger Endobaby said...


Fill some up and leave them in the crib.

Your cat jumps on that once and will NEVER DO IT AGAIN =)

9:37 PM  

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