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Monday, September 06, 2004

Sour Grapes...

Day 2 with the new baby aspirin and progesterone cream therapy.

Mr. D and I did it again this AM... that is a good try. Late in the day on CD13 and early morning in CD16. I have a new goal... more fooling around on the non-"right" days. I don't want to make Mr. D feel like a baby making machine. Plus, we should do it more... we are good at it.

Went shopping today in our local high priced rich-bitch shopping area. We even ventured into a high priced baby store that I LOVE... yet will probably never actually buy much from them because of the ridiculous prices. I love that we are back to TTC.. it is so hopeful. Sounds stupid, but for the first time in a long time I didn't feel like crying after looking at baby stuff. It's hard... dealing with the fact that you are no longer pregnant. I constantly think of where I "should" be with both of my pregnancies... had they "stuck".. Week 28 with the 1st... and week 18 with the second. Man.. I have to stop thinking about it or I will bring myself down!

Today was a lovely day here. It was rainy and cool and felt like fall. Knowing Dallas, tomorrow it will be 100 degrees again, but today it was nice! We walked around the town square and shopped and had a really nice time.

Met my brother for lunch. He did not look good... still no job in sight and no leads. He looked really sad and beat down and then I have to open my big mouth and probably make him feel worse. I feel like he needs motivation to get him out of the house and out filling out job applications... but my "motivation" to him is relentless nagging and as we sat at the sandwich shop I could tell that my talking wasn't helping. After we left I called Mom and Dad... maybe they can help him. But... someone needs to get through to him before he spirals any farther into this depression that he is in. I don't know what else I can do.

I have a choreography rehearsal scheduled in an hour. Boy was one of the parents pissed that I would "dare" to schedule a rehearsal on a holiday. Even though the parent AND the student had seen and signed the rehearsal schedule before I cast the show... she still had the balls to get pissy about it. uuuggghhhh! "Anyway", as I told the idiot parent (in my mind) , "the reason I scheduled a rehearsal on Labor day was so I could let them NOT have a rehearsal on the day of the Homecoming parade, the Homecoming game, and a stupid choir competition that many of them want to attend! Now get off my back, bitch! And besides... YOU SIGNED AND OK'ed THE SCHEDULE BEFORE I PUT YOUR DUMB ASS KID IN THE SHOW!!!!" Wow... that felt good!

Off to a fun filled 4 hour dance rehearsal on a holiday... what kind of ogre schedules rehearsals on a freakin' holiday anyways????


Blogger sherry said...

Jamie...Just read your blog for the first time. It's great to meet you! (virtually speaking, of course...) I'm looking forward to reading more of your trials and tribulations! uhhhhh, wait...that didn't come out right...but you know what I mean!

6:25 AM  

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