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Sunday, November 07, 2004


Happy 33rd Birthday to Me...

The Loot (all from Mr. D.!!!)

A one cup "pod" coffee maker for work
68 coffee pods... Mr. D is a total over achiever
New silverware... 8 place settings + serving pieces
A gorgeous sweater in autumn colored stripes
nourishing olive face masques from Bath and Body Works
Two Thanksgiving-ish knic knack things for the house

$$$ from Mom
$$$ from Grandma
a phone call from Dad

Dinner with my brother and the in-laws tomorrow night... (might get more gifts!!!)

After waking up and having a looovely present opening ceremony Mr. D tells me that we are going to a fancy brunch at Blue Mesa (Mexican food... yum). As we are leaving the house I take my antibiotic for my uti and head out the door to go eat... By the time we are seated I am completely nauseous... YOU DON'T TAKE ANTIBIOTICS ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!!! But I was sure I would be OK... I got some water and bread and tried to eat but.... Well... Mr. D. had a wonderful brunch and I spent 15 minutes puking in the potty. I felt better afterward.. but not really good enough to eat...We sat there for an hour and a half while I drank what ended up being a $17 sprite since we had already paid for the brunch! I did finally eat some chocolate flan... but I just could not bring myself to eat any Mexican brunch food! I guess this is sort of what morning sickness is like... yipee... sign me up!

The day did get much better.... Mr. D. spend the afternoon shopping and being all snuggly. I just adore my husband... he didn't even get mad that I ruined my romantic birthday brunch that he planned for us.

All in all it was a great birthday... except for the vomiting.

Note - in case you are wondering hopefully... I am only 6 dpo so there is no chance it actually WAS morning sickness... it was the meds... for sure... (but would that be great if some magical way it WAS morning sickness????) nope.. I am sure it was the meds...


Blogger Jen P said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it was great, despite the antibiotic incident, and I'm hoping (fingers crossed, breath is held) that it is morning sickness!!!

4:37 PM  
Blogger Kath said...

Coincidently, I vomited on my birthday..but it wasnt from antibiotics. I was 31, still no baby, and after a year of being good I decided to fuck-my-body in more ways than one that night.

Happy birthday.

2:54 AM  

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