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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I Need Advice.. no assvice please....

I am cheating on Dr. Good.

I have an illicit appointment scheduled for tomorrow. His name is Dr. Try Me. I need to find a new doctor that I like as much but who is closer to my home and delivers at the non-scuzzy hospital that is 2 miles from my doorstep. I love Dr. Good... but his office reminds me of my 2 m/c's and he always makes me wait an hour. Dr. Try Me is nearby and that is all I know about him...

I am seeing Dr. Try Me tomorrow (an OB/GYN and Fertility Specialist) and I am trying to make a list of questions for him about his policies and procedures for both OB care and miscarriage... I also want to get a second opinion on all the tests I have had lately...
Here is what I have so far...

1. Look over my charts and see if he agrees with Dr. Good about progesterone & Lovenox for the next pg.
2. Policy on seeing him on short notice or getting an u/s.
3. Does he do transvag u/s... (he should he is a fertility specialist)
4. Will I be classified as "high risk" and have a perinatal specialist... how often will they see me?
5. How fast can they get those friggen hCG #'s to me?
6. Will he see me the SECOND I see 2 lines on the pg test to prescribe progesterone and Lovenox?
7. uhm... do you think I have damaged eggs? How do you find out?
8. Why can't I get a fucking positive on a OPK??? I have periods... I have been pregnant twice.. I have to be "o-ing" right?

IF I MISCARRY AGAIN... please god no...
1. Will he let me try to m/c naturally... I would rather not d&c unless I have to for medical reasons.
2. Do they offer any m/c treatment or counseling after? (I think ALL doctors should... but I don't think any do.
3. Will he promise that my hCG numbers double and another m/c isn't a option?

Two for one?
Satisfaction guaranteed?
A Happy Healthy Baby... no matter what???

Can you help me think of questions to grill this guy? I want to leave knowing that I will get good care at his office whether I have a baby or another m/c (God forbid.)
Thanks girls! You are the best.


Blogger Kath said...

Here is a few:

1. Should we get some karyotyping done?
2. Will you track ovulation using serum tests rather than opk - since they are obviously somewhat dubious.
3. Should I have a hysteroscopy/laperoscopy to see if anything is interfereing with the pregnancy?

Should you miscarry again, and forgive me if this is assvice as I dont recall you knowing why you miscarried before, a D&C will at least determine if there is a genetic problem.

Good luck. Its exciting seeing a new doctor. We have done it but for us it was just that the grass seemed greener.

1:28 AM  
Blogger Lala said...

Sorry if this is off topic but I'm sitting here with a db wondering if I'm going to have to go through a miscarriage at home or if they'll get me D&C in time. Please tell me why I'm better off doing this at home? I'm serious, I'll take your word for it.

4:35 AM  
Blogger Jenna said...

Hey Jamie,
Because I work at an answering service and I see the real side of dr's all the time. Here is my advice, ask him what is on call info is. Ask him if he is usually on call for him self or who is in his group. Also when he is on call how is he gotten ahold of? Do they pg him and that is it. Do they page and verify that he has called back (If so what are they next steps in getting ahold of him if he is not reached.) or the best do they call your home and moble as soon as they get the call. I find this important because I see how many stupid doctors there are that really don't care.
Here is a little assvice you were trying to avoid. I was told by a nurse that is it easier to get pg after a d&c. I believe it because right after my fist m/c I got pg. And now almost a year after my sec one i am still not pg. something to think about or maybe ask about. Good luck and I hope that this Dr is the one that will help you have a healthy baby really soon. Your in my thoughts.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Kris said...

One thing, don't wait until you see the double lines to supplement with progesterine, start that day after O. That's what my Dr did, and I've heard that many many times.

Hope that's not assvise.


10:14 AM  

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