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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Blogland's Top Models

Don't forget to check out the rocks on Saturday in
The First Annual Infertile Bloggirl Engagement / Wedding Ring Fashion Show!

Presented in tribute to our loving husbands who are keeping the promise to stick with us no matter what... even the yucky stuff.

***I did think of cancelling the fashion show because of all the sadness in Blogland this week... but I hope that we can still take the time to honor and thank the wonderful men in our lives for being there for us... Just reading Cecily's husband Charlie's post today made me KNOW how much our partners shoulder our load and hold us up when we can't stand alone...

(In true theatre teacher style...)
On with the show....

Emily -

JJ -

Sherry -

Lala -

Jen P. -

Toni -

Ollie -

Kath -

Karen -

Jen -

*** It is not to late to decide to participate... just let us know where you are in the comments below and we will come read all the mushy stuff about your hubby!
(and check out the jewels!!!)

***** Hey... not having a digital camera shouldn't keep you from writing about your beautiful ring!!!! (We do have imaginations you know!) I just want everyone to have the chance to join in the fun!

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