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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


FASHION SHOW NEWS... Don't forget to check out the fashion show post below. So far we have about 10 of Blogland's top models showing off their rings in tribute to our wonderful hubby's. I hated to "bump" that post so soon... but I have a MAJOR post to add to my "WHAT THE FUCK" category.... So FASHION SHOW... don't forget... and now....


Ok... so you know that I teach advanced theatre and technical theatre and some times I have to do death defying feats to not put my students in danger like climbing 30 foot ladders to change a light... like yesterday... I got a FRANTIC.... and I mean TOTALLY FUCKING FRANTIC call from the choir teacher. There were lights out in the auditorium catwalk and he had a concert that night and could I "pweeease" go up to the "cats" and help change them. We are not "exactly" supposed to go up there... we are supposed to ask a district electrician to do it... but that requires PLANNING and ORGANIZATION (neither of which this particular choir teacher has much of)... so up I went...

I had to "break into" the area by climbing the 12 foot ladder to the landing and then climbing through the "tube ladder" up another 20-30 feet... no problem. Then I broke in to the padlock with the skill of a catburgler by removing the screws from the back of the lock and balancing on just my feet because it took both hands... After that I belly crawled in with the choir teacher in tow to get to the 2nd and 3rd landing where the lights are hung... He was right... only 4 or the 17 were working and now I had an hour to figure of why... I messed with VERY HOT electrical stuff for one very sweaty hour and got 14 of the 17 on and working.... Then started the backward belly crawl to get out. I was descending the 20 foot tube (after putting the lock back together to cover my tracks when the choir teacher and I had the following conversation... (by this time his ass is on the ground and he is looking up at me descending the ladder...)

HIM: I want you to know how much I appreciate you doing this for us.. it is so ridiculous that we have to do this... I mean I was desperate... ya know... and you (here is the kicker) doing this "in your condition..."

ME: (topped dead in my tracks...) Um.. what....

Him: Aren't you pregnant? Oh... wait... no... I'm sorry... that was insensitive... I uh... I mean... I thought....

ME: Nope.. I am not pregnant... wish I was... (reaching the ground and trying not tolook him in the f-ing face!)

OK... So... This guy KNEW that I had a m/c in March... and he KNOWS that I had another one during the summer and was seeing a doctor in August to figure out why....

So did he:

A. Forget that I wasn't pregnant.... uhm... I don't LOOK like someone who is 9 or 7 months pregnant.... I mean I am a size 8-10 with a very flat "non-pregnant" tummy.

B. Did he "HEAR" that I was pregnant again... some students WANT me to be pregnant really bad... because the know I am TTC and have had 1 m/c.. (they don't know about the 2nd...) If THIS is the case... I am mortified... there is nothing worse than a rumor that you are pregnant when you are not... Especially if you are a teacher...

C. Is this guy just a moron (ding ding ding... we have a winner)

So basically... go back and re-read the whole process I went through to change the lights out for this guy and imagine that he thought he was asking (begging) a PREGNANT woman who is a recurrent miscarrier to do this stuff.... Get a clue for you asshole... the minute I see two pink line I am not climbing a ladder for anyone... Especially an idiot like you.... Do you think I am a kamakazee???? Change your own f-ing lights! When I am pregnant... I probably won't get my ass out of my rolling desk chair for the whole nine months!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a serious WTF situation. Man, what a jerk!


8:23 AM  
Blogger Jen P said...

What a total stupid jerk!!! He reminds me of the very flamboyant choir teacher I had. Hrrrm...must be a universal thing.

I hope you have a good week after that. Best wishes!

11:21 AM  
Blogger Toni said...

What an ass. Sorry you have to deal with him. I swear - you could be in a circus with all those aerobatics :)

3:57 PM  
Blogger Kath said...

So in his view age, men, priss and arrogance comes before women, pregnant woman and freguent miscarrier. What an asshole, and pervert!.

I hope you farted in his face on the way down. Maybe even loosen the light fittings above the choir teachers podium thing.

8:07 PM  

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