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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Christmas in October

Mr. D. and I had a garage sale today! It was kind of impromptu and we just got things together over the last 2 days. We didn't really have any big items... we purged a lot when we moved into our house last August and had a bigger yard sale last October... buy we still managed to make $147.00... And I didn't sale any of my pregnancy books and things that I acquired during my two (very brief) tries at pregnancy. I thought about it... but I left them uop in the attic hoping that I will be pulling them out someday again...

Then... I got a call from my very good (and gay) friend R. He and his mom and our other friend F. were headed over to the Fitz and Floyd store for the annual 70% off sale! Well... I LOVE Fitz and Floyd so Mr. D. and I headed over too. First we all met for lunch at Freebirds (yum) and then made it into the shop! IT WAS PACKED! Women were everywhere grabbing up the porcelain figurines and dinnerware and platters... mostly Christmas themed! I shopped for hours!

I bought:

The gorgeous "Old Fashioned Christmas" Platter - covered in toys, rocking horses, and snowmen... reg.. $100

The Halloween Bunnies figurines - a pumpkin and 2 bunnies dressed for Halloween (one as a bumble bee and one as a flower! ... reg.. $15.00

The Flurries Salt and pepper shakers (2 C-U-T-E snowmen feeding a tiny redbird)
(I got 2 pair... one for me and one for my mom for her B-day) reg. 36.00 x 2

The Yuletide Holiday Teapot (Shaped like a very funny looking Santa Claus!) reg. $61.00

A five piece silver serving set (beautiful... for my stepmom for Christmas...) reg. $50.00

PLUS... They were giving out free gifts so I got two adorable Halloween pumpkin mugs with little ghosts flying out of them... AND Two matching pumpkin ghost candle holders... (reg. $45!!!)

I got all of these treasure for $91.00!!! Can you believe that????

If you have no idea what the hell I am talking about then you can not imagine the girly girlness of buying these beautiful (and expensive) decorative items for such a bargain price!!!

I am actually so excited that I may bust out the digital camera just so I can show you!!!!

All in all... it was a pretty great Saturday!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the Halloween stuff. I collect some Christmas stuff, but Halloween is my passion. Most of my stuff is vintage from the 1930's that I get on Ebay (I shop for this stuff all year round). We've got our cobweb up and candles out with the vintage decorations and lots of looks very spooky in here against the big, brick fireplace. For Christmas I love the kitsch of the 1950's and my 'thing' is antique punchbowls for egg nog (I've got 4 sets of punchbowls).

Glad you had a wonderful Saturday.


6:04 PM  
Blogger Kath said...

Nothing like a bit of retail therapy...I bought myself some pink golf balls today. Kitsch but it counts

Halloween is virutally banned in Australia. Something about encouraging little kids to go to strangers houses and ask for candy doesnt go down well with people. Anyway I dont even know what halloween is about. Does anyone?

Dont know Fitz & Floyd either. I suppose its a bit like Myer/David Jones except nothing is really on sale in the down hill run to xmas.

Thanks for your hugs yesterday.

6:33 AM  

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