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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The PCOS Decision

I think Mr. D and I have decided to do the PCOS testing. I found out that my insurance pays for testing and prescriptions... but not treatment.... great... but at least it will get me closer to knowing what the fuck is going on. The main reason I am doing the testing is the comment from Jen P. ( after my blog entry about the Fertility Specialist... Jen... I sound EXACTLY like you... "normal periods" every 30 -33 days... hairy chin.... not exactly overweight... etc... So thank you for sharing. The only thing that is still weird is that I never get a positive OPK... and one of the symptoms is higher than normal LH and false positives on OPK's. Still lots of confusion on my end.... So we will monitor the follicles during my next cycle (due around the 20th...), ask for the blood work that Jen P. has suggested, and try to find out if there is a concern. Plus it would be REALLY nice to find out if there is a reason for the 10 pounds and the hairs on my chiny chin chin... gross.

I still have some reservations about Dr. Try Me... but I am going to give him and his office a "try" anyway... why? I'm lazy. And want to get the testing done ASAP and not wait to "get to know" another doctor.

So now I am slightly worried that it would be my luck to get pregnant this month... I am 8 dpo (assuming that I do "o") I have has lots of midcycle cramping and this morning my boobs felt a little weird. Of course now I am paranoid that if I am pregnant the egg is bad and I will m/c again... So I am going to take Kath's ( advice and try not to panic. But I am a little nervous... but I probably don't have a real reason to be.

Totally off topic.... Remember my friend Nic... (got pregnant 29 days after her wedding and moved to London last month...) Well... it has been over 2 weeks since I have heard from her... I have emailed her but she doesn't respond... that makes me nervous... Is she OK? Did I ruin our friendship by being jealous of her baby??? Anyway... Nic... if you are reading this... what is up?


Blogger Toni said...

Glad to hear you had a great (almost) birthday. I totally agree with the PCO testing. And if you're not oing - they'll be able to tell!!

3:56 PM  
Blogger Kath said...

Make the most of your insurance. I really hope they find nothing wrong, but if they do I hope is minor and easily treated/managed or whatever. If they can give you a pill to lose that 10pounds, send the leftovers to me. If only I could blame hormones for weight gain.

Mmmmm ... iced coffee and muffins

4:43 AM  

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