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Saturday, April 16, 2005


For those of you playing along with the home edition of "WTF IS UP WITH JAMES CHART???" I have no advice... (I know you are watching Sara.. And I wish I knew what was happening...) I have actually been MUCH more vigilant about temping at the same time every day... 7:20 AM... but from cd1 they have been weird and high... On cd 7 I temped at 5 AM because of my competition... but I suspect a 7:20 temp would have been higher too... that is a steady increase each day.

I do not think that I have ovulated yet... most of my clomid symptoms eased up after cd 10 (yeah... except the extra weight... that is still hanging on...) Yesterday I had a very light line on the OPK... Oh.. I think I forgot to tell you about the OPK conversation with new doctor(I am thinking of naming him Dr. Casual... but I am open to other suggestions..)

Me: "Well my temps were better this month on clomid (she laughs now in bitter irony) but... I still never get a positive on an OPK even doing 2 a day... Is that ... uhm... Weird?"

Dr: "Never??? Hmmmm... that is ... Weird..."

Me: "But we know I am ovulating right???"

Dr: "yeah... your progesterone is great... I like to see 12 and you are at 22.4... weird."

Me: "Well I do get a light line at the time my temps (irony again) show a possible ovulation"

Dr: "Hmmmm.... Weird... Even with 2 day???

Me: "Could it be that a light line is my positive?" (In her head " If you call me weird one my fucking time I am going to strangle you with this paper sheet!!!!)

Dr: "Yeah that is probably it... Weird. Those things are not always reliable you know..."

Me: (Screaming inside...) "How come they seem to work for everyone else?"

Dr. "We KNOW that you ovulated.. that is all that is important. Weird.

Me: "Yeah... Weird."

So now that my temps are as "weird" as my OPK's you can probably understand why I am getting so frustrated this month...



Anonymous thalia said...

jamie I'm so sorry this is so confusing for you. Does clomid make temps go up? If your chart was a post-ovulation one it would look like a great pregnancy indication, but since it's not I've got no idea. Hope that the OPK turns positive soon.

has the doc thought about doing daily hormone tests to figure this out?

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Sara said...

Hmmm . . .weird.

(Okay, I am kidding.)

But really, does Clomid push up temps this much? I know that it is often prescribed to treat a luteal phase defect, so that COULD move your ovulation up some. I am right in the middle of a very confusing cycle, too, but my temps *usually* show that I ovulate, even if the OPK is not 100% clear.

I think if I were to make a suggestion, if this does not end up being your month, (which it really might! :-) then I would start trying to bd every other day starting right after your period and on until the very end of your cycle when it is more apparent what is going on. That way, even if you don't know when you o'ed, you could at least say you didn't "miss the opportunity".

And trust me, having that much TTC sex with busy schedules and a life outside of ttc itself is hard. :-)

My fingers are crossed . .

2:23 PM  
Blogger Heather P. said...

I absolutely hate it when I don't think a dr is listening. That is what it was like with my last RE DR. I still feel today that if I'd had more money back then he would have paid more attention to me.

I am glad that I have found my current dr. sometimes we might want to look around and find a dr we click with. I really don't have much advice on the subject of Clomid even though I took it for 3 (freaking) years. I just hope that the next time you see the DR he is alittle more polite to you

4:32 AM  
Blogger Ally said...


I never had it easy with OPK's either. It was basically a guessing game. I think you should get a fertility monitor. It takes the guess work out of it and you can get one used on Ebay for practically nothing. It tells you exactly when you'll ovulate and when you're approaching ovulation...makes timing easier.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous oliviadrab said...

It looks like your temps are heading to higher ground. Peeeee-culiar.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Lesley said...

As long as that temp stays up, that's all I care about. I know you already know but Ithough I would say it for those that visit that might not know. The dr says bd before you get the surge on you opk. After the suge is too late..
Anyway, as I said you already know that and with the silly opk's not working it must be frustraiting to bits! and as for the WEIRD dr. Who's the weird one then?
Hugs and take care.

10:27 PM  
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