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Monday, March 28, 2005

The freakin 10 minute rule sucks....

I was getting very pissed off at my new doctor's office all weekend.. I had a progesterone test on Wednesday and on Friday STILL had not heard back... (At my old crappy doctor I would get these labs back in 24 hours...) I called Friday morning and was told the results were not in yet but they would check on them... Then... never heard back from them....

I called twice this morning...(I am a total nurse nightmare) But I was starting to get worried because if I needed to start my supplements I need to know... right??? I was told she would call me back... yeah right...

So I finally called back today at 4 PM and demanded to speak to the nurse. She was very cheery and picked up the phone saying "You ovulated!" I responded with a cool... "What are the numbers???? Do I need to start my supplements?" She said the cd 21 numbers were 22.1 and that is great. Great.

So... The clomid did it's job this month... I guess... I will talk to my doctor about the slooooow results the next time I go in and I will also ask why he thinks I never got a surge on the OPK even using 2 a day... Maybe ANY time I see a line is a surge instead of the super dark line you are supposed to have.

Today is cd 27 approx. 10 dpo with another BFN... I will pretty much test daily for the next few days... The clomid is making me feel really weird and I really feel a lot of pg symptoms.... Hope is creeping in even with the BFN's... I'll tell you why later... It is stupid really... Probably just an evap line... It was 2 1/2 hours after I peed on the stick and EVERYONE knows that you can't read a test after 10 minutes... I watched it for a good 5 minutes and then just left it on the counter... When I went to throw it out I knew I shouldn't look again... But I did... I have to say it... There was a really light second pink line. Now... we don't know WHEN this alleged "line" appeared.... but this was with FMU... I immediately tested again with 10 AM urine... and got another BFN...

DO NOT GET EXCITED!!! DON'T YOU DARE GET MY HOPES UP MORE THAN THEY ALREADY ARE!!!! IT IS YOUR JOB AS MY FRIENDS TO BE PRACTICAL!!!!! I need at least 10 stories of "Do not read the test after the time limit!!!" Please... keep me grounded... I do not need to get my hopes up only to see more BFN's over the next week. So girls... tell me it is an evap line... It has to be.


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