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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A watched pot never boils... until it finally does.

Had a message on my cel phone this morning at 8:00 from Dr. F's office and my second Lupus screening (Antithrombin 3 and Protein C & S) came back normal! I was beyond shocked...

First of all... Dr. F's office never calls until I have called them 20 times and usually they call me back in the evening. Second... I was sure that I would find out that I had Lupus or some other terrible pregnancy complication condition. NORMAL???? This means that Dr. "Stay on Topic" was right.. that the test must have been taken to close to my miscarriage to be valid. I am so excited... this means that while I still have anticardiolipin antibodies (and will have to be on heparin shots and baby aspirin) but I do not have to go to a Lupus specialist because I am NORMAL!!!!!! Weird too, since I have started having all of the symptoms of Lupus since I read online what they were... I am an idiot.

This is such good news but it also gets me started wondering... is there anything really wrong with me or is it just my stupid bad luck to have to back to back miscarriages? I mean... we now have narrowed it down to 4 possibilities...
1. Non-doubling hcG - Possible need of progesterone supplements
2. An infection that we cleared up with antibiotics... Maybe... since I only took the stuff for 3 days... will re-check when I get a BFP.
3. This clotting disorder - need heparin and baby aspirin
4. None of the above... FATE.

So we are now cleared to TTC... which is good since that is all we did over the weekend!

PS - I think it is funny that I have a condition that the spell checker doesn't recognize... It wants me to re-type to anticrime, antiterrorism and antipasto every time I write anticardiolipins and antiphospholipids! heeheehee!


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