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Friday, October 15, 2004

BFN... duh...

My boobs and about 5 HPT's are telling me that I am not pregnant this month....

Tested again this AM with first morning pee... nothing.... I am at cd25... 12 dpo... 7 days until AF.

I am actually getting tired of testing... maybe this is good "immersion therapy" and I will get so sick of the BFN that I stop testing all the time...

probably not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eventually you get sick of testing and won't. I figure there's always all night drug stores and husbands if I really need a test, so I don't keep any in the house, why bother? I'm tired of supporting the profit margins for the companies that produce them. I'm boycotting them, LOL.

Sorry about your BFN. Thinking of you.


6:46 AM  

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