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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The last supper....

I am waiting for AF... My body is acting so weird this month... I KNOW that I am not pregnant because I have NO pregnancy symptoms... I don't even have PMS symptoms that masquerade as pregnancy symptoms... I got nothing..

I am also dreaming of getting BFP's... I have had dreams the last 2 nights about the thrill of getting a BFP on a HPT. The one last night was the weirdest... I was having a huge party but I didn't know anyone there. There was a girl there with "prescription" HPT's... (don't really exist). I saw them in her bag and STOLE them from her.... OMG... They were these Kotex type things that you have to pee on and it tells you if you are pregnant... Any way.. I got a BFP!!!! In my dreams....

So now my maternal dreams of chubby fat toddlers or Mr. D holding our newborn in his arms have been reduced to me peeing on sticks in my dreams... like THAT is the ultimate moment... I am afraid to even think of what may come after the BFP... Am I forgetting that the really goal is a family.. not just a pregnancy??? How sad is that?

Last night Mr. D and I went to a "dinner party" HA! It was not a real dinner party... It was a Saladmaster party disguised as a dinner party. My D. and I have an unwritten rule we do not go to "sell shit out of your home" parties. But our next door neighbor L. is the sweetest lady in the world... And she is a widow... And she is the only person who sent me a sympathy gift after BOTH of my miscarriages... asked us to attend... so we went.

When we got there we realized that we were 50% of this party of four and that meant were were wearing the big red sales target on our chests! We watched as dinner was made.. an amazing healthy dinner... good tasting and quick... the lady showed us all the reasons we NEEDED this cookware and all the reasons that we would die from heart disease and cancer if we didn't... She even baked a chocolate cake with potatoes, celery, and carrots "snuck in for health and moisture"... and it was really good... you couldn't taste the veggies!

Then we were asked to set up a party at out home... nope... no way... no how... We did give the lady our phone number so I am sure we will be dodging that call for the next 2 months... Then the big finale... You could get the entire 10 piece cookware set for...... $4800. Yes... $4800 fucking DOLLARS!!! But for us she suggested the 3 piece "starter set" for a mere $1700. I swear this woman was on crack. She just couldn't comprehend that out "health" was not worth $1700 to us???? We can not afford to spend $1700 on ANYTHING right now? Do normal everyday people spend that much on cookware?

We left at almost 11:00 PM... exhausted from the hard sell, convinced we are poisoning ourselves with Teflon, and feeling like a unhealthy losers who don't feel their health is worth $1700... Mr. D said we are never going to another "dinner party" in our lives!

... And we don't even cook!

As I was spell checking... AF arrived... with a gush...



Blogger Jenna said...

Good Morning,
Sorry about stupid AF arriving last night. I am still waiting for her to show up. I am a few days late, but not pg. That is crazy.. 4800 dollars for cookware can't you but a whole kitchen set for less then that. Does your neighbor have this stuff?
Dreams are funny things... I used to think that they might come true but now I think they are just there to fuck with our brains.
I know that you have heard this before but since the play is over and you are not the director of the next one maybe this month will be your month. You will be in my thoughts.

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Sorry about AF. I don't have too many positive related dreams. Actually, I've had some weird ones that do coincide with the reality, but they've always let me know that even though I was having a chemical, it was in fact not viable. Always depresses the hell out of me. I can't remember the last time I had a good dream, even if was a fantasy.

$4800 -- is she delusional? $1700?! What has she been smoking? I have all-clad, which is none too cheap (I love to cook) and I do NOT have $1700 worth of cookware, and I've got a pretty full set of pots and pans. OMG, what a loser.

Thinking of you.


7:11 AM  
Blogger nichole said...

$1700 is crazy. No question. Good luck evading the home-party hordes. That's so awkward...

Could you help out a newbie and tell me if the BF in BFN/BFP means "Big fat" (or, even better, "Big F*ing")? I s'pose I would know this if I went to the right boards or read more blogs...

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uugh. I hate those home parties. My sil does pampered chef so you can imagine what I go through.....
I am sorry about AF. It's never easy, no matter what.
Your blog is great, funny, entertaining, and honest.
(This is Erin)

8:33 AM  
Blogger nichole said...

Hey, Jamie, thanks for the BF* definitions...I think I lean towards the pottymouth one too!! (I'm sorry, though, I thought it best to delete your answer in the comments on my blog b/c that blog's more public than I want to be with this ... but you can email me anytime.) Thanks for helping out a pretty clueless gal.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Kath said...

I am sorry about AF arriving. Now we are both in sadland.

I am not into network sellers. On of M. friends was into selling cleaning crap through this system adn when I started challenging him on his product ascertions on the phone I could hear him flipping through the sellers guide for the right answers. What a crock! How to lose freinds.

Three piece starter cookwere for $1700US? Thats a return trip to for Europe for me!

8:47 PM  
Blogger Chelsea said...

I hate, HATE when people use their "friendship" with you to try to sell you crap. It's always awkward and never does anything good for the relationship.

Sorry about AF. That bites big time. I hope your BFP dreams come true soon.

11:10 AM  

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