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Sunday, February 06, 2005

My husband rocks!!!

So GLAD to know that you guys are as weirded out by this LISA thing as I am... Keep commenting on the previous post if you haven't already... I love knowing that I am the normal one... (ha... me... normal???)

So... what wonderful thing did my hubby do for me lately??? Well... last weekend as a surprise he painted our laundry room and DECORATED it... THE LAUNDRY ROOM!!! You see... we have worked really hard on decorating our new home and it is filled with warm snuggly colors... lots of denim, yellow, and red in the main part of the house... A spa-like master for us with the lightest sage green in our bath and a color called creme brulee in the bedroom and attached sitting room / (some day nursery...) We also have a pumpkin colored home office and a beautiful lavender girly guest bedroom... Our home is filled with color... It was my "theatrical" attempt at interior design... very inspired by the Pottery Barn life that I thought I was going to have...

Anyway... we always joked that the laundry room was the only room that had the original paint on the walls in the whole house... It is right off the kitchen and we usually just keep the door closed... Well... Mr. D. painted that room a lovely shade of denim blue.. to match the sofa in the great room... And bought lots of yellow boxes to hide our laundry stuff... extra pet food and toys.. and gardening supplies... He also displayed a few of my crystal serving pieces on the top shelf and even included yellow flowers and a wedding picture!!!

My new laundry room! Posted by Hello

It is like a sweet little jewel box right in my kitchen!!! What an amazing husband I have...

Oh... I LOVE decorating!!! I can't WAIT to do a nursery!!!!

Take THAT Lisa....

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