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Thursday, February 10, 2005

My temps are sucking... again...

You can see my stupid temps HERE...

What we know:
1. That my period is pretty regular 31-34 cd's.
2. That in November I did follicle monitoring and was ovulating... not sure of the "quality..."
3. I have tried Ovulating sticks but they don't work for me... I must have something weird with my LH hormone that won't turn the stick... but they have tested it and it is "normal". RE said "don't worry about it... ovulating sticks suck"... but why do they work for everybody else???
4. I have very low progesterone... and I am on supplements which I am supposed to start taking after I ovulate... so when do I start them THIS month???
5. I have been pregnant twice... so I KNOW I ovulate...
6. I have miscarried at 7 weeks twice.... technical blighted ovum... sac... no heartbeat... no baby...
7. I do not have PCOS...

What we don't know:
1. WHAT??? I am ovulating....
2. WHEN??? I am ovulating...
3. When I should start the progesterone supplements this month....
4. Today is cd 16...

I will call today and try to set up (A) an appointment with a *new* doctor... or (B) another follicle monitoring with my RE (who I need to fire.... but I am to lazy...)

So besides the advice to see a doctor... what do you guys recommend I do now???


Blogger Chrestomanci said...

Jamie I think you need to check/see another doctor re the OPKs. The doctor's statement would imply that either you ovulate without having an LH surge (deeply deeply unlikely), or you make a form of LH that doesn't bind to the LH antibody on the OPKs (possible but first I've heard of it and if it's that different does it still function normally?).

From your temps it's possible you haven't ovulated yet - comparing to last month. Keep up the BD if you can!

6:13 AM  
Blogger Chas said...

I say, and granted I don't know much since I'm not pg yet, that you need to call a new dr. I also suggest giving your chart a few more days. It is possible that you are just ovulating a few days late this month. Could be all of the stress that you have been under lately.

Take care,

6:34 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

Hi Jamie :-)

Possible thoughts . . .what about changing your basal thermometer? Maybe it is not giving you accurate results because the battery is low or it just plain sucks.

Also, I originally thought my waking time was not affecting my temps that much. However, my waking time in December was 2 hours later than normal and it became VERY difficult to understand my chart in December. This month (except for today, bad Sara!) I have taken every temp within 15 minutes of each other and my chart is much more logical. Could it be you have a time variation of even 30 minutes or so? That may be what is confusing.

For OPKs, I found for me to take them in the morning, same time also everyday. I know someone who also "thought" they did not work for her, but she was using them at random times, and I tried that the first month (November) and NEVER got a LH surge. (yep, 2 m/c
s here, so I also ovulate.)

Lastly, my doc told me to start taking the Prometrium 3 days after I ovulate. (give the little guy a second, maybe?) So, in case you already have ovulated, maybe it will become more obvious in the next day or two and then you can just start the P then.

Sorry for the long post, I have not talked to you in a while!

:-) Happy Thursday!

6:34 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Jaime - I can't use OPKs either - last month I got a positive on day 14 - but my temp didn't spike till day 25 - When I was trying for Joey it did the same thing - my doctor also told me not to bother with those things.

My suggestion? BD either tonight or tomorrow morning - you have the up down thing going this month the same as last before you ovulated. After you see that go up above 97.9 - start the supplements.

(Remember - this was a stressful few days for you which could put off ovulation a few days - (I know - this is information you already know - sorry) )

That is the way I would do it if my chart looked like yours.

I know you said not to tell you this -but get a new doctor.

Have a good one - I hope you see that spike tomorrow.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Lesley said...

oh..the frustraition, so you are pretty sure you are ovulating? If so, I have ovulated later this month than last month again myself, only 2 days but it makes a difference. I have only bd 3 times this cycle and only one time would have been close enough to my ovulation day 2 days prior to ovulation ,so even though I had slightly fertile mucus at that point of time I really think I missed it! Damn! I might be wrong but hey, I have little hope of a BFP this month..but if you have bd every second night it won't matter if you can't pick your ovulation time exactly.. Try and think of it as a, that is not really funny is it? I had such a hard time getting any pattern at all on my Microscope this month, and it is frustraiting so I have decided not to over stress, but having said that you are in a different boat to me, you need to know you are actually ovulating for it to work in the first place. Keep charting, maybe try observing your cm and trying to work from that but that is almost as hard as charting. I found charting just did not work for me and with the opk I was seeing a surge but not actually knowing for sure if Iwas ovulating, now with the mocroscope I see before ovulation, during ovulation and after ovulation. BUT the mocroscope does not work for everyone either... Maybe the Doctor needs to do the ovulation tests with your ovaries if you find you can't work it out over the next month or so.
Good Luck, I hope your just ovulating a little later..
Luv Lesley

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a question. Can you have missed ovulation when you check your lh surge and it shows you haven't reached it yet. I have been charting, and my cervical fluid showed something totally different.

9:52 AM  

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