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Friday, February 11, 2005

What I did today...

I did two things yesterday concerning TTC (among the bazillion other crap things I did at work...)

1. Called the nurse at RE... she called back and I expressed concern about my temps and ovulation sticks...She said IF I am ovulating I SHOULD still have a temp raise (before progesterone) and SHOULD be able to use ovulation sticks....Remember I quit trying with ovulation sticks 3 months ago when the RE told me "they don't really work"... JEEZ!!!! So... she "suspects" that I may not be ovulating or not ovulating every month... She suggested doing another follicle monitoring next month... I reminded her that we did one just 3 months ago and wasn't that enough? Basically... no... BUT... If I was ovulating then... and IF I ovulate during the next monitoring... that doesn't mean that I will ovulate the next cycle or the next.... etc... She also mentioned cysts again... even though we ruled out PCOS... WTF??? I hung up more confused then ever...

However... I did learn that there is no way to find out the "quality" of the eggs besides taking them out of the body for IVF... I was confused about this because I was under the impression that the follicle monitoring was telling them something about the QUALITY of my eggs... Apparently it wasn't.. It was to show that I didn't have PCOS or any cysts and to see if I was growing a follicle that bursts into what we ASSUME is a released egg (with unknown quality)from the follicle.

And... She did tell me to wait for 2 more days and see if I get a temp rise... she said to start progesterone on cd18 this time...

2. I called and made an appointment with a new doctor... A regular OBI/GYM that does "some" fertility medicine.... It is February 28th... I have learned from the book
COMING TO TERM... that the fertility specialist is not the place I want to be right now as a recurrent miscarrier.... I may end up there again later... but now I don't want any fertility medication, surgeries, or procedures... If the new doctor suggests monitoring my cycle I probably will do it... but I need a little time to decide.

I had a slight temp raise today on cd 17... who the heck knows what is going on????


Blogger Yes, I'm a Sinner said...

Jamie: It's Lin from PW. The one that made the horrid comments and I apologize again.

I have been reading your blog to understand your situation better. You said things that changed my view on your struggles, and those that struggle with you.

You're stronger than I could be, that I can tell just after reading one or two enteries.

I don't have any advice, suggestions, magical tricks, etc. for you (and can't believe that people actually suggest you just "relax" to get pregnant). What I do have for you is the sincerest hope your dream of having a child is fulfilled soon. You and your DH seem like great people.

If anything I said came across trite or insensitive, please forgive me. It was not my intent.

5:27 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Wow. You must be more confused than ever. By why start the progesterone if she thinks that no temp rise means no ovulation? You could O after cd 18, doesn't she know that? Why put your body through the process of something unpleasant if it isn't going to help the situation?
It almost seems like there are only partial pieces to the puzzle. Everyone has conflicting advice and information. I really, really hope that this new doctor will help you put some of the pieces of information that you have together so you can get a clearer picture of what direction you need to go in.

6:12 AM  
Blogger Jenna said...

I am glad that you are going to another Dr. I hope that this Dr is alot better. I know the RE didn't work out so well but how was the hair removal thing?
I hate this temping thing, it is driving me nuts. I don't think I am going to O this month, so that means another month down the drain. I hope you have a good weekend.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Jen P said...


I ovulate every other cycle, I think, even when medicated as there's just some form of a 'block' in my right ovary that doesn't release eggs. Those cycles, the temps would be rocky as hell but would always end around the same time. It was so hard to see if it was truly anov because FF always put in a cross-hair, even after we had it proven there was no darn O!

The cycles in which I would ovulate was always around cd 19, 20 or 21, so it doesn't make sense that your doctor (and his nurse) expect you to ovulate on the 'textbook-ey' cd 14. It doesn't make sense, because a lot of women have extended cycles and if you are to start the prog before you even ovulate...????

It leaves me clueless. Especially if you're not getting + opk's (not all women do) but MIGHT after cd18?

I agree that maybe a change in doctors and persepctives might be good and I wish you a lot of luck with them.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Lesley said...

Oh Jamie... I am also hoping you are just ovulating later. you must be as confuse as anything now. Maybe a less medical approach will work, can only try all options and that approach is the least stressful and less expensive.
Hoping and wishing for you.
Love Lesley

9:49 PM  

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