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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Top Ten Things That Have Happened to Me since May 29...

1. My cyst is GONE! That is G O N E... Woo-fucking-Hoo!!!! Now that is progress.. and it only took 42 days... So... the plan is start clomid on cd 5 (Sunday) and go in on the 20th for a folly check and IF they are big enough (18 mm or above) I will get a big fat Hcg shot to make me ovulate within 36 hours... Then NO MORE MONITORING because we leave for vacation on the 22nd... What happened if the follies aren't mature on the 20th??? Well.. no Hcg for me, we try like normal people do (hoping the follies eventually mature and burst out an egg on their own) and we up the clomid on the next go around... So... How many people think I should start the clomid on Saturday night just to give the follies an extra 12 hours??? I am thinking of fucking with science here... oh wait.. that is what I have been doing for the past year...

2. Nic had her baby... an 8lb 11 ounce (big) baby boy.. Named him Joey... They are coming home tomorrow (Joey will fly all the way from London on his 7 day old b-day...) I hope to meet him soon... but I am a little nervous... I just can't believe Nic has gone through a whole pregnancy and has a baby and I am still at the starting gate...

3. We have decided on vacation... We will leave on the 22 to go to Orlando... I am meeting my Mom there and we will stay at my Grandmother's lake house in WinterPark. Mr. D. and I will do the Disney thing and then spend a few days with the family. After that we are going to SeaSide Florida where we have rented a condo... We will spend the 4th of July there... I can't wait!

4. I have an icky infected ingrown toenail. I think I am going to have to have it cut out. I have an appointment on Monday because all of the podiatrists in my area are at some huge convention this week and no one can see me... There is puss and blood involved... and it REALLY hurts (especially if you squeeze it... uuggghh). Can you die from and ingrown toenail?

5. I am comfortably up to 1500 of Met a day... Still not losing weight... but my skin ins really clear. I do find that I can only eat half portions or I still get sick... but even eating less I still am not losing...

6. I went to lunch at a little Cafe near my house yesterday and saw (not exagerating) EIGHT pregnant women eating there... Is this some sort of sign??? What is God trying to tell me??? Or is it some sort or cruel practical joke Candid Camera episode... "How many pg women can we shove into one restaurant before the one infertile explodes????"

7. The "miscarriage" Six Feet Under season opener really got me down... There REALLY needs to be a warning on these shows... jeez...

8. I still like my therapist... I am seeing her once a week. But it is so strange having such a one sided relationship... Sometimes I just want to ask "So how are you doing today?"

9. Our own Chas is pregnant! Keep thinking good thoughts!!! Congrats Sporty!

10. I have committed to at least 5 new reality shows for the summer and my TiVo is filling up with so much mindless entertainment... Please... I have got to read a book or something this summer... I am a teacher for God's sake.

That is it for now... I am still working on the interview that celestially sent me... I swear I will finish it soon... Also check out Karen's entry on getting "Pregnated"... it is a great one!

A million promises to update more often... Now that I am back to TTC I am sure all the old whines and gripes will return!


Blogger Lesley said...

Jamie, as you know I have no experience with Clomid so can't offer an assvice ( got that word off Jess :-)).
I am sooooo excited that the cyst is gone and you are back on the ttc track. Jamie, if you have the spare thought, time ,money or anything else when you are at Disney Land.......Could you please, please, please, please and pretty please buy me some Mickey Mouse ears. I know, how cheeky to even ask but I will never get over there in a life time and I am a little girl at heart.. :-) I can pay you for them even...
Hugs and have a great day.
Love Lesley

11:44 PM  
Blogger Chas said...

I am so happy for you that the cyst is gone!!!

I am glad that the therapist seems to be helping you out. I have missed you. I am glad that you are back on the TTC track!

Disney is going to be so much fun! I have wanted to go for so long, but have never been able to get down there to go. Take lots and lots of pics!

Well, have a great time and please keep us updated. It gets a little lonely without you around. Take care!!!!

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Sara said...

I was starting to wonder where the hell you were! Glad all is great! And to clarify, I am SO jealous that you are on vacation now while I am working away . . . Have fun!

6:01 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Good job on the cyst.

I say go ahead with the Clomid thing. Some docs prescribe it during different cycle days anyway. My current doc does the 3-7 and my other did 5-9. I've heard that some docs do it from 2-6. I don't think there's any clinical trial evidence that supports one dosing schedule over another.

Glad you've settled in to your met dosage. It took me about a month.

My TiVo is filled with uneducational crap too. I also need to get out a damn book and read. My brain is atrophying and running right out of my ears.

9:42 AM  
Blogger kiwi said...

So happy your cyst is finally gone and you can move on! I always took Clomid on CD3-7, so I would say go for it!

7:00 PM  
Blogger Heather P. said...

Boy have you had a busy month so far!!!! I would love to be going to Orlando!!! Say Hi to Micki for me!! LOL
The clomid thing well I don't think its going to hurt to take it a day early since alot of drs prescribe it earlier. Good Luck taking it. Yea for being used to your meds right now!!

I am glad to see you back

8:03 AM  
Anonymous oliviadrab said...

#7---that episode of Six Feet Under nearly killed me. I spent many hours sobbing until I passed out. It was way too much.

And I am so glad the cyst from hell is gone. Much luck on the Clomid cycle!

12:16 PM  
Blogger Jess said...

Hey! You promised you would update more often!!!!

And Lesley, I think I got the Assvice word from has come full circle!


1:06 PM  

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