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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

BCP and Met - day 3

I can not thank you all enough for the support on my last post. It is day 3 on the BCP's and I still don't see them as cute little "reset buttons"... I am just starting to feel the effects of the Metformin... but so far it has not been that bad. I am fighting extreme exhaustion though.. (That actually is one of the side effects) but thankfully (so far) my tummy has been ok. For those of you wondering I started on 850 mg once a day and will move up to two doses a day next week after we get my system used to it. I read that prenatal vitamins may be the secret to not getting so sick on the MET... it has to do with the iron... plus I was already eating lower carb... so that probably helped too. Cross you fingers though.. I had a chili dog for dinner (so much for low carb) and I hope I will be OK throughout the night!

The Soul Cysters website has been great... mostly I lurk but there is so much info on PCOS and the drug that I am on. It is nice to know that other women have been through what I am going through. If you have PCOS and haven't been there I REALLY recommend it.

Other than that I have no real news... just trying to fight off the depression and focus on this month of healing. I have a therapist appointment on Friday to discuss my grief and anxiety about trying to get pregnant. I hope that she will be able to somehow relate to what I am feeling and not just tell me to "relax".

I reconnected with my good friend Angela this week. We haven't talked in about 4 years but I called her and we talked last night! It was so good to chat with someone who knew the old Jamie... the one that wasn't obsessed with pregnancy... the one that was happy and funny... Angela was there for me during my divorce and I was there for hers... In fact we have known each other for over 10 year... Back from our themepark showgirl days! Back when we were too skinny and she could smoke a pack an hour before a show and I could eat a pint of ice cream for lunch because it was impossible to gain weight dancing 8 shows a day! Gee... I wonder how my metabolism got screwed up??? Anyway... she was inspired enough by my blog to start her own. She is not trying to have a baby (has no desire for it yet) but she is trying to pull her life together and start over. So... check her out and give her a house warming part over at her new blog!

Take her some Mento's and a pack of lights... she'll love that.

Welcome to Blogland Ang.


Blogger Ally said...

I'm glad you're not feeling too ill from the meds. That would definately make it harder to deal with.

Good Luck with the therapist on Friday. I'll be thinking of you.

5:17 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Jamie I know it's been rough. Hopefully your body will get use to the meds and this month will go by VERY fast. I'm glad you are going to see a therapist, as we all know TTC can be a very emotional experience.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Crazy Me said...

James, James, James ... so very good to have reconnected with you! I am happy that you have the therapist appt. on Friday but please know that you can call me anytime. You can never have too much support and I'm always there if you need to relive the old days or gripe about the new ones.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Allison said...

Just wanted to say best of luck with everything. I've read your whole blog from start to current in about a day. You're brave for all you've gone through.

Keep up the posting.. because us readers also long to see you happy!

9:08 PM  
Blogger Chas said...

Glad to hear that you talked to an old friend. I hope that it made you feel better. I am glad that the Met isn't making you sick.

I will be thinking of you Friday, I really hope that your appt. goes smoothly and will help you to make some sense of what is going on with the TTC issues.

Take care.

5:03 AM  
Anonymous bridalhome said...

It was good that you concerned with your friend after a long year but i am still waiting for my friend call.....from 2 years/.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Carla ( said...

Howdy... I've got PCOS too. I was entirely anovulatory and had way fucked-up cycles. I tried Metformin, but just couldn't handle it, it made me so sick. I did find my own little miracle, though, in the form of Avandia (4mg twice a day). It is also an insulin sensitizer. I've been on it for years now. It's been the same since the first two months I was on it...perfectly regular 28-day cycles with ovulation, reduced triglycerides and insulin levels to the normal range (despite the fact that I weigh close to 300 lbs)! Given that my cycles and blood levels look great, I'm going to start TTC within a year or so--I want to lose a bunch of weight first so that my body isn't put through so much of a strain and so I can chase a little one around. I wish you luck in your journey and, if Metformin doesn't work for you, please ask your doctor to try Avandia. I haven't had a single side effect in all the years I've been taking it and it's worked like a dream. Even my FSH and LH levels are on track! The other thing I really love right now is the Fertile Focus fertility microscope. Once you get off of BCPs and start ovulating and cycling regularly, it can really help. When your estrogen level peaks (which occurs 48-72 hours prior to ovulation), your dried saliva forms a fern-like pattern that can be seen under a microscope. These little $20 microscopes are the best ovulation predictors around--98% accuracy. Plus the ferns are really neat to look at.

6:46 AM  
Blogger raj said...

Hi everyone, if you're taking Avandia to reduce insulin resistance, treat diabetes or restore a normal cycle, you may have a problem. Not only did the New England Journal of Medicine suggest that it increases your risk of heart problems, but an earlier study also showed that women who took Avandia were more likely to have bone fractures.

Unfortunately, metformin, another insulin-sensitizing drug, has its own set of side effects. What to do?

Dr. Nancy Dunne says improving the composition of your diet, getting more exercise and controlling chronic stress can go a long ways toward solving your insulin resistance problems. You can read her article for more details about Avandia and PCOS.

10:08 PM  

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