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Sunday, July 17, 2005

CD 2

CD 2

I have not had cramps like this since my m/c.... seriously... I am really hurting... WHY??? Is this another lovely clomid side effect or is it just because my cycle was so long this time? They aren't actually cramps (as in the tummy) but more really a bad lower back ache that makes me want to cry.... just like the pain I had with my m/c's. This morning I actually took 4 extra strength Tylenol in under an hour before it eased up. Now it is just a steady ache. No heavy bleeding though... everything else seems really normal.

What do endo AF pains feel like? Is it the tummy or the back? Now I am paranoid that I suddenly have endo... My mind really sucks...

Today we went out to breakfast and ran errands all morning (you know... Target, Home Depot, Walmart, the bookstore, Garden Ridge, etc...) then came home and Mr. D. watched TROY (an apparently horrible movie) and I took a long nap... then we tackled cleaning and organizing the garage (which wasn't that bad... but we are neat freaks) and I did dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, and put fresh lavender scented sheets on the bed... (if you do not use the vanilla and lavender Downy Fabric Softener go out and get some right now... ahhh the simple pleasures.) Then yummy pizza (roma tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil and cheese) for dinner... followed by vanilla ice cream with fresh black cherries soaked in spiced rum!

All in all a fairly productive Sunday... even with the cramps.


Blogger Jenn said...

Sounds like a good weekend even if AF was being a royal bitch! I have bad cramps every month - in my back as well - and I don't have endo - so don't worry about that - I think the length of the cycle makes symptoms worse sometimes. Usually - if I have really bad cramps - my AF doesn't last as long - less cramps - longer lasting AF - I guess (sorry tmi) the cramping gets it out quick or something.

Hope you are feeling better.

7:10 AM  
Blogger Chas said...

Sorry that the evil bitch showed up and is giving you so much grief! I honestly can't say what endo pains feel like, but I do know that when I had AF and wasn't on the pill, I had cramps and lower back pains something horrible.

I hope that you get to feeling better and sounds like you had a pretty good Sunday. Take care and I hope to talk to you soon.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Em said...

I am on Clomid and had some babd left back pain on day three of taking it. It's been okay this month though. The last two, I have felt like a waddling cow because I had really big follicles. I am paranoid that a) it isn;t working b) my ovaries have stopped c) I have endo or something

1:06 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Jamie, endo pain is like REALLY REALLY intense period pain and REALLY REALLY intense ovulation pain, all in one neat package. It can be located anywhere, it just depends where the adhesions are. I had two tiny spots on the ligaments just under my left ovary and had major pain at that site and also back pain. Kinda felt like a knife going all the way through the one point.

I do know that if you've had a really high progesterone level prior to bleeding, this can make the AF pains worse, and Clomid always pushed my progesterone level through the roof.

Have you tried taking a prostaglandin inhibitor? I dont know what they're called there, but the active ingredient is Mefenamic Acid 250mg. This actually blocks the hormone that causes the cramping. Its my best friend, when my worst friend arrives.

Hope this isn't assvice. Go the adult icecream!

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Elle said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog! I wanted to let you know that I started a new site called and I'd love for you to visit the site and mention it to your readers if you think it's appropriate. The site focuses on early pregnancy symptoms and TTC success stories.

Thanks, Elle

7:04 PM  
Blogger Lesley said...

Oh Jamie, I am so sorry your in such pain. Panda had the pain factor right. I get it in my lower abdomen and my back. It is really sever sharp stabbing pain that won't go away no matter what you take for it. Any pain killers I have tried have only dulled it a bit. I really hope it's not the case for you. I want to thank you for the parcel. I am so happy. You made my day, oh hang on make that week.... I can't believe I got it so early. Our mail system suxs compared to yours. I just want to say I am thinking of you and hoping that Today is a much better, happier, pain free day.
Thank you for being a true friend.
You mean a lot to me.
Love and hugs from Lesley

3:56 AM  
Anonymous Sara said...

So sorry you feel crappy, Jaime. I would bet the cramping is from the longer cycle and the Prometrium. My OB's nurse said if you take 4 Motrin when your period begins and then 2 more a few hours later, it has been researched to cut the blood flow in half, along with the cramps. Those first few months after my D and C last year were hell and I really think the Motrin helped a lot. You may want to try that.

:-) Here's to a better month for you!

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Ana and I am from PW, I was on Jan05 board with you and use to check in with you every so often to see your progress. I read all about your m/c lastyear and it touched me so much I kept in touch with you behind the curtins though...anyway I havent read your blog in a long time and decided to check in today I read back pretty far and I wante to tell you that I am sorry you are going thru this. One of my dearest friends has had 2 ectopic pregnancies and has had both of her tubes removed. My heart goes out to her becuz i know how much she wants to have a child. Anyway to read about infertility in a woman who craves a child more than anything really makes me sad and to read about all your struggles with this makes me sadder. I really hope you can figuer out why what and when and that you will become pregnant soon and carry your baby full term I know that once you have your baby you will be a great mother and that one day that child will know what you have done to get him/her here.
Anyway when you feel down and out like life has been beating the crap out of you mentally and physically what I do is remind myself that life is preparing me for something great and maybe you may feel like I am blowing smoke up your azz but I am not I am being sincere. again good luck and I will check in soon and read about your pregnancy :o)

PW Jan2005
Xaviermakes3 ~Ana~

8:13 AM  
Blogger Heather P. said...

Well Jamie, I hate to be the bearer of bad news I have class 3 endo. class 4 is the worst and I have never had any symptoms of it at all. It was a shock to my dr to find it during the lap. He suspected I had a little as most women do but not the mess he found in there! I wish you well. ONly a few more days and the witch will be gone

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, i am going to get some lavendar right now. Thanks, I have never heard of it....

6:09 AM  
Blogger Ally said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so shitty. I wish we were closer...we'd go out to lunch and drink our heads off....LOL

I hope she eases off soon.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOGS! You are helping me move forward. I experienced a miscarriage this week and felt so alone since I am dealing with a very unsympathetic husband. It is easing the pain knowing that other women undergo such terrible painful months in an effort to see a positive pregnancy to delivery.

6:14 PM  

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