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Sunday, October 23, 2005

cd 13 - LOW (in more ways than one).

Cd 13... Getting frustrated.

I am still getting a LOW in my monitor... Last month I got HIGH on cd 9-13 and my PEAK on cd 14 & 15...and we know I "O'ed" last month because of the monitoring. This month so far... NOTHING. I may call my doctor for a progesterone draw again this month around cd 20 just to see if it looks like I "O'ed" Why does this all have to be so confusing???

We will start having sex tonight regardless... I am sort of afraid that I might have messed up the monitor this month because I was out of sticks for 2 days that it was telling me to test... but who knows... ugghhh this i s exhausting.

I have been feeling down the past few days with all the drama going on over at PW... I am just so tired. I also have not been feeling great. I have had bad lower back pain for about a week now on and off. It feels like AF back cramps and just radiates down my legs. I have never had a bladder or kidney infection and I do not have a fever or trouble peeing... so I am not sure what it could be. In general I feel fully functional... but just kinda lethargic... not exactly sick... just beat down. I may ask my doctor about it... but I would hate to have to go in all for nothing... If anyone has any ideas of what it could be... please let me know...

7 Days until our FASHION SHOW!!! I am still signing up models (we are up to 8) so pass on the news! (If you are confused then scroll down and read all about it... (where have you been???)

That's it... Gonna go lay on the sofa some more....


Blogger Lesley said...

I hope you get your peek very soon. Come on MM....
My cycles seem to be slightly longer every second month, well used to be when they were fairly regular. I have pain similar to what you have decribed from my Endo in the second half of the month. Hope you enjoyed you weekend.
Take care.
Hugs from me.

12:14 AM  
Blogger Sami said...

Hi - I'd like to be a part of the annual runway show... and as for the peak or lack of a high... I just stumbled upon your blog so you can consider this crappy advice if you'd like... Seeing as I've reset my fertility monitor a bunch of times I've had months where I had 20 highs (after an ectopic) to being asked for a stick on cd 12 and getting a high on cd 16 and a peak on cd 18... so keep peeing... it may just go from low to peak...

hope that helps...

5:23 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Ok - you probably don't want to hear this BUT.....the longer cycle, the lethargic crappy feeling - could be because you are run down. You have been so busy with school and all that Bullshit going on at PW, naturally your body is going to force you to try to relax.

For the record: I am not saying "Just Relax" - I would NEVER utter that phrase to ANYONE!

Your body has a way of forcing from you what you don't give it - like some rest. My advice -STAY AWAY FROM PW first and foremost!!! Take your husband and go do something that you really enjoy - don't think about anything except eachother - don't even have sex if you don't feel like it.

You need to take care of yourself.

Talk to you soon.

5:27 AM  
Blogger Chas said...

Sorry that you are still getting lows on the monitor Jamie. I think Jenn is right. You need to step back and take a little time for yourself. You need and deserve it.

I hope that the lower back pain goes away for you soon.

Take care.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Heather P. said...

The statistics (I know we all hate them) is that the monitors are only right about 80% of the time so having TTC sex is just what you should be doing. I also don't think it is a bad idea for the cd 20 progesterone level. It could let the dr know if you are having problems with one ovary or the other (just with an u/s this can be done)

12:08 PM  

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