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Monday, July 31, 2006

still no "real" period. Period.

On Saturday after I saw the doctor and after I took my first provera I started bleeding more heavily... red and some clotting. Then on Sunday lighter on and off. Then today very little. After calling NP she assured me that this doesn't count and to keep taking the provera. So I am on... like cd 44 or something crazy like that. But sometime in the next two weeks I will have a period (expecting heavy) and then I will be able to move forward with the clomid challenge.

I am bummed that I am somehow losing 2 weeks.. which in turn means that I have no chance at an April 2007 baby.

Not to bring back a sore subject... but today's Chic-Fil-A luncheon showed 2 table eaters (but it was dry food and not mushed up wet food which somehow seems not as bad as what we witnessed last week), 2 napkin eaters, 1 fast food paper placemat eater, and one plastic (brought from home) placemat eater. I am obsessed with watching how people feed their children in public now. I must say that the whole goopy scene last week sort of traumatized me because in my whole entire life I have never seen the whole mushed up food on the table thing... so now I am on the look out to really research this subject. My research will consist of eating at every fast food resturant I can and spying on unsuspecting feeders. Kind of like bird watching. So that is my report for the day... The food debate seems to be at about 50/50.

Mr. D and I went up to school today and he helped me re-cover 4 huge bulletin boards in my theatre... then we ran errands. It was good to get some things done because really all I feel like doing is laying in the sun by the pool. I am feeling a bit down these last couple of days so I really appreciated him helping me. I just can't seem to get motivated... I think it is a bunch of things combined... the thought of school starting... this messed up period... the provera... the heat... and a few other things that are weighing heavily on me right now.

In good news reality TV is getting really good... thank God for Project Runway, Big Brother, and Hell's Kitchen. I am loving the break from my 105 degree reality to watch all the crazies on the tube!

The best news of the week! Congratulations to Karen and Alex on their beautiful daughters!!! You two amazing ladies have been a huge strength to me the last two years and I am so happy for you both! Alex you will soon be bringing you lovely Alejandra home and Karen your referral must have been the most watched event on the internet today!!! Maya will be in your arms soon!!! Yay!!! You both deserve all the happiness in the world!


Blogger Ally said...

I hope things get back on track for ya Jamie. I had the same thing happen to me if you remember...losing 2 weeks may seem like nothing to most but I know it can suck royally when you have a plan in mind.

I can't wait for real TV to come back either!

As far as the food thing...I tend to agree with you but my philosophy is that people are different, cultures are to each their own. I still get irate when I don't see a child in a car seat...I swear I want to get out of my car and slap I feel ya.

Talk to you soon. :)

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your profile and you wanted a suggestion other than the top ten crap list - well how about adopting and just waiting for your baby to come or not? Why waste time if you really want children? Two birds, one stone. Sounds good to me.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Kelli said...

Hi Jamie,

I've been reading you for a while now, (I rarely comment) but I want to say that my husband and I always seem to notice when other people are being asshats about raising their kids. I guess all of us people who are struggling to have children have a super radar to that stuff. I feel ya sista!!! I don't even know how many things I have sworn NOT to do when i have kids.

As for anonymous above, yeah! why don't we all just go to the money tree in the backyard and pull off what we need to go adopt, do IVF, IUI, etc... yeah it's just that easy! problem solved! don't you know that when you start to adopt you get pregnant? riiiiight jackass.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Mrs. D. said...

Thanks Kelli for the last comment so I don't have to say anything!!!

I think I'll pull $80,000 off my money tree and adopt twins...After that I will jump in my trusty time machine and skip the 18 months to two year where you have to do all the paperwork and waiting!

We may end up adopting... I am very proadoption but I really hate when people are JA'ers (just Adopters) as Karen at The Ovary says... that is as callous as telling someone to "just relax" and they will get pg.

Anonymous... if you really were being sincere and didn't mean to be sort of offensive then please read this link... I think it will help you understand why asking an infertile why they "just don't adopt" is insensitive. She explains it better than I can.

Ok... back to you girls!

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Alex/Infertile Gourmet said...

Hey thank you for the well wishing! I still have your chai for you and something else....I promise I will send soon ( do not hold breath)

And to anon...I am just adopting. It is so easy. Jamie should just adopt. No heartbreak involved. No problems. I just went down to my local 7/11 and picked a baybee out. Now that I have my smart ass out....if you were sincere then I should not have handled it this way but so you know...adoption is filled with pitfalls, expense, heartbreak upon heartbreak, accepting the whole thing is out of ones hands, and more money and heartbreak. In the end I will probably...probably....bring my girl home. Does she have my heart? Yes OH YES! But with adoption I could lose her. The birthmom still has to sign off on her two more times befeore she is mine....until then my already broken heart from five years of infertility will be worn on the outside of my fucking sleeve waiting for the other shoe to drop.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Sara said...

Jaime, I have a friend at work who has done the Provera twice and all ended up working in her favor. I have faith this is just one of those stupid m-f-ing roadblocks and all will even out soon.

PS - Come to my blog, girl!! Where the hell have you been? (vacationing, I know! Loved all the pictures!)

4:06 PM  

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