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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Vacation Day 16... going home.

Last night we spent the night in Lafayette, LO. We picked up the car in Chipley and it is running like a dream (thank God!!!) and we should be home by 5 PM today.

The last 5 days were spent at Sea World ( we did 3 half days there and did just about every thing), Disney... it was very crowded so we "park hopped and did all four parks in one day just riding Expedition Everest, Pirates of the Caribbean, Soarin, Splash Mountain, and Primeval Whirl... then we watched Fantasmic that night (note... if you have never been to Disney plan your vacation for October even if you have to take the kids out of school... it is not that crowed and you will have a MUCH better time... we saw a lot of melted unhappy families waiting in very long lines). We also did a day a the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park... which was very fun!

A really cool part of our Sea World day was visiting the Anhesier-Busch Beer Garden (free glasses of beer at SeaWorld... remember that!) We saw the Clydesdales tried flavored beer (chocolate, mango, and lime) and we sat drinking our beers watchng Mr. D.'s Super Bowl commercial play on the huge TV screen in the entire area!

The other days were spend seeing movies (Pirates was very disappointing), shopping at Downtown Disney, spending time with my Grandma, and EATING! We ate A LOT on this trip... I plan to diet for a week before I even FACE the scale at home! Oh we also saw a presentation about the Disney Vacation Club time share (because the offered 3 VIP Fast Passes if we did and boy did they save us a lot of waiting) it was really cool... if we ever get rich it s one of the first things we will do for our family!

OK... Got to get on the road... We can't wait to see our precious pets and sleep in our own beds... 16 days is a long time to be away... I sort of feel like a new person... and that makes me very happy.


Blogger Krista said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation. And you are so beautiful - love the pictures.

5:38 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Sounds like you had a great relaxing vacation!!! Get home safe - hopefully we will all chat soon.

5:49 PM  

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