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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Provera watch.. nothing.

Day 1 after 10 days of provera. Still no period. (I know that everyone says that it will come about 3-5 days after finishing this med... but I am doubtful.) This morning I am feeling some cramps ( and I do feel really bloated... like 3 pounds... please disappear when this period starts!!!) My mom (who is a retired RN) is calling me each day going "Hoooow arrre yoooou?" (translation = "Have you started you period yet?") She knows I am not pg right??? She asks it with such hope each day... and I answer "nope." Yesterday she said I'd better "expect a gullywasher". WTF is a gullywasher??? I think I have an idea... and believe me I don't even want to think about that. Jeez.

Planning for school is great. Today I have a huge workshop planned with a MAJOR acting coach in our area. I have 35 kids coming to work with him... I am super excited about it!

Had a lovely dinner with friends C & L last night. It was great. They brought there two girls and the 3 year old kept us running all night... when someone tells you that they have a very "busy" three year old believe them... and make sure to clean out all your drawers before the come over! It was so cute how she kept getting into everything! Mr. D. was so funny trying to keep her occupied! But they are great parents and very attentive to where their kids are and what they are into... so I had no worries. At the end of the night the 3 year old fell asleep in my arms (at 10:45!!!!!) It was so sweet.

I heard on the radio that Tom and Katie will be realeasing pictures of there "alledged" daughter Suri "soon". I guess as soon as the auditions are over... We'll see. Does anyone really still care? Isn't it over? I can't wait to hear how much $$$ they get... but I am sure that the Shiloh pics will kick her ass. Missed. the. Boat.

OK... Off to school. I think I may be feeling crampy this am. But it could just be that it is 7 am and I am not used to getting up this early yet.


Blogger jungle dream pagoda said...

I hope ,little miss busy bee,wasn't too much trouble.She ask if uncle D. and aunt J.were coming over tonite.
Emmit and Snoopy were troupers, I bet they have some quality naptime today!
Oh,and SuperSuppers rocks!

6:26 AM  
Blogger Chas said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Good luck with the workshop...sounds like it will be interesting. I hope your period starts soon and that 3 lbs. goes away for you.

Hope to talk to you soon. Take care

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Catherine said...

Don't give up hope yet Jaime! I often take several days to start after I finish the provera. I'm just glad your 10 days are up. Hopefully things will get moving soon.

3:11 PM  

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