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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A watched pot... Part Deux

I think my mind is playing major tricks on me... Have felt tired and boob ache-y all day. I have become hyper-aware of the amount of times I pee during the day... and it is more than usual. On top of that, I have felt nauseous/ heartburn-y all day. Now, I KNOW that it is totally IMPOSSIBLE that I am feeling the early symptoms of pregnancy. Even if I conceived on Friday that would make me a whopping 5 days pregnant so I am sure that this is BEYOND psychosomatic. On the other hand... I read a story on the PW message board about someone who the doctor told that she miscarried in July only to find out that she is carrying 12 week old TWINS! It seems that she must have miscarried one baby of triplets! Wouldn't that be incredible? To go through the grief... to be basically symptom free for a month and a half and then find out that you are still pregnant and doing fine! (thanks for the diagnoses Dr. Dumb Ass!) I wonder didn't her doctor check her hcG to make sure they dropped to -5? Didn't he do a post-m/c ultrasound? Maybe Dr. F isn't so bad after all at least he didn't miss TWINS! . I don't think there is a snowballs chance that could happen to me. But, I do dream and wish and pray that someone would come in and announce that all this was a mistake and... surprise... I am still pregnant with a perfect little baby. It would also be fabulous because I would be 28 (or 19) weeks pregnant with no belly or weight gain... I LIVE IN A FANTASY LAND HERE FOLKS!

I looked at a pregnancy calculator and my new EDD would be June 12.

That is perfect timing for a teacher... of course at this point I wouldn't care WHEN the baby came as long at it gets here!!!

Please God... I am trying to look forward and be positive... just give me a little break...


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