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Friday, October 08, 2004

After Opening Night....

Opening night was GREAT! The kids were just ON... We had a full house and the show was the best it has ever been. I was so proud at how charming the show was. The parents LOVED it and just went on and on about how happy their kids were to be in the show and how much they have grown over the past 6 weeks working on the show! I got lots of compliments and ego pats and it felt really good. We have 5 more performances this weekend and next and then we will be on the next show (that Mr. Good Teacher is directing and I* am assisting with) YEA!!!

I wish TTC was going this well... Mr. D and I only had TTCSex once on cd 13... After that... we were just to tired or stressed or busy... so... This probably won't be our month.

I am about 5 dpo (I say almost because I just guess at my "O" date by my body signals and past pregnancies... not an OPK) I am already having some of my false pregnancy symptoms... bloating, gassy, sore boobs (HA... you can't fool me this time progesterone cream!)... and fatigue... I have been trying to catch a nap at lunch or between 4-5 in the afternoon since I am at school daily from 9 - 10 PM on performance days! Anyway... 5 dpo is WAY to early sooooo I will ignore these deceptive symptoms and stay busy!!!

Nic leaves for London on the 16 (closing of the show...) I need to figure out a time that I can see her before she goes. I can't remember if I told you... but her honeymoon baby may be TWINS.... yep... happy for her... sucky for me that I am a jealous old hag who wants to steal other people's babies and make them my own. Can you believe that when she tells me that she is having bad morning sickness I am STILL wishing it was me???? I have lost it...

Yesterday I came home to a huge package... it was a GIANT pregnancy book that I ordered when I was pregnant from State Farm... I was so high from the show that it didn't really bother me... Plus I was struck by the fact that they send it to me FOR FREE and it is a BEAUTIFUL hardcover 500+ page book as thick as a huge dictionary. That is a pretty great free gift. If I wasn't already a State Farm customer I would think about switching... What company gives great free stuff anymore???

Any way.. Now I have a HUGE-MONGOUS "everything you could possible ever wonder about pregnancy" book... but no baby.... (sigh)

OK... off to school to bask in the glow of a production well done!

And now a little music from our show....

"So many nights... but tonight it's worth it...
Sure we've had fights but tonight were friends...
Let's do them proud...
No matter how this evening ends!
So many nights... but tonight it's worth it!
Never before has it been so clear!
Miracles happen...
Someone shows you why you're here!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on a successful opening night :)

Hoping this month was your month :)


6:49 AM  
Blogger Jenna said...

I am glad that your show went well! I bet that felt really good and must of been a relief to have your mind of ttc even for a few hours.
It sucks that this cycle wasn't the best with BDing. I know how that is, one of your post I can really relate to this month.
I am 4 or 5 dpo too, I am going to start charting this month so next month I will have a better idea. But I am having those stupid false pg symptoms too. I really hate the things our minds do to our bodies. It is way to early but we get excited over every little umcomfort that used to bother us while we were pg. Funny how much we long for fatigue, frequent urination, and nauseu.
Today I also got two books in the mail. One was that huge book from State Farm. It is huge isn't it. It was really cool that it is free, I would think of switching too. The first thing I do when I look at any pg book now is look at the m/c section. (Like I don't know enough about that) This book has a good section on it and there were even parts that were hopefull. I also got a fertility book. How Ironic.
I hope you get a chance to see Nic before she goes. I also hope the rest of the shows go well.
Loads of baby dust and glue to you.

10:59 AM  

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