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Monday, October 04, 2004

A Relaxing Sunday Night...

Yesterday I had EWCM on cd13... I immediately went in to brain overload planning the week... We HAVE to TTC on at least Sunday (cd 13), Tuesday (cd 15) and Thursday (cd17)... I mentioned it to Mr. D... who finds that kind of panic very sensual... not. So all day I think about what we "should" be doing... instead of gardening... or shopping for last minute fabric for my show... or napping... or eating out... or buying pumpkins for the yard...or EVERYTHING ELSE that occupied my day. OBSESSIVE.

At around 8PM. Lenny out sweet 2 year old kitty was acting very strange... he was crying, rolling around on the floor, hissing, and acting like he was in pain. He had been doing this earlier in the afternoon and we had decided to watch him and see how he felt later... well, it was later and he was defiantly not OK. We packed him up and headed for the all night animal emergency hospital. After about 3 hours we arrived back home with our sick urinary tract infected cat. They did tests and found out that he had a really painful infection. They pumped him full of fluids.. (because he needed to pee more) and antibiotics and sent us home with strict instructions to monitor his urine (great) and to quit feeding him crap cat food from Target and buy the ultra chic food from the vet for about $20 a bag. (Did I mention that we have 3 they will all get the royal dinner treatment and while Mr. D. and I eat from the McDonald's $.99 value menu.)

Grand total at 11:00 on Sunday night? $259.00.

When we finally got home and settled we were both exhausted. BUT... (thankfully) we did TTC before we went to sleep. I even put my rear on pillows for 15 minutes afterwards. And I never got out of bed until this morning... I didn't want a little thing like gravity to mess up my plans!

Lenny seems to be much better this morning.


Blogger LadyCracker said...

Hi there

Good Luck with having a baby
It musn't be easy

Take Care

6:54 PM  

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