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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

OK... Now I'm Pissed....

Screw not showing D.B.'s emails in my blog... Here is the response he sent to my letter in its entirety. Fuck it.

"'ve no idea what a tailspin this letter has caused in my head. it's 7 a.m. and i'm about to leave for san diego for a sales meeting i'm conducting. "one last fling" before i get married? i did that? i can say with all honestly there isn't a fragment of memory in my head about this (not calling you a liar, just saying). i was going to buy your ticket to come to my wedding? ...was this just mean of me? I'm sorry if these questions caused any angst for you, they're beating me up. i'm walking out the door for pendleton (san diego) may be back this afternoon. "

Background: A year before I met him (1986) D.B. was in a horrible motorcycle accident and he almost died. He suffered a massive brain injury that I know left him with significant memory loss. However, this "proposal was 4 years later (1990). Apparently this is his "magic eraser" for any mistakes he makes in life... "I did what??? I just don't remember that!" I am no brain surgeon expert type person... But... I don't buy it.

Here is a question for you D.B.: Why would I feel the need to make this up after 16 years??? You have been off my map for a LONG time now. YOU contacted ME out of the blue claiming an intense need to apologize to me... (and yet you can't remember why)... You begged me to "fill you in." I remember the entire "Come to California to have sex with me before I get married" conversation.. I remember it because it had a deep effect on me. You asked me... I'm telling you. Asshole.

I am not going to respond to this piece of shit email... and I bet I never hear from him again.

Tomorrow it is back to obsessing about getting pregnant.


Blogger Kath said...

This D.B. (Dick Brain?) is embarrassed. He realises you havent forgotten what a fool he was years ago and he is projecting it back to save face

I wouldnt respond either. I dont think he will make any further effort as you plainly knows how much a jerk he was and obviously thinks thinks he is a cool and important (mentions San Diego twice) dude now.

I hope to god no ex boyfriend contacts me. I am sure the one I dated in high school still plans to shoot me in the street (although its been 12 years so hopefully he has gotten over it).

Good luck and yes back to obsessing about getting pregnant.

4:02 AM  
Blogger Jenna said...

Well I am glad that that is over for you. What a losser. I wanted to write you about something else. I wanted to know if you wanted to be ttc buddies. I know that you already have one, Chasity. She is my buddy too and I know that she is having a hard time right now and I really understand her EDD is coming up and that is the worst thing ever. Well anyways she doesn't e-mail much I don't know if it is the same for you and her. But I would really like my ttc buddy to write back and forth. I know I spend way to much time on the board and on peoples blogs and stuff but I don't know I feel like maybe if I put all my energy on this it might happen for me soon. I know that is stupid but I want it so bad. Let me know. You can post on my blog or e-mail me. Loads of baby dust on you and Mr D

4:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a total loser. I thought only I had the geek magnet thing going on, sorry you join my company. I had an ex do something real close to this to me minus the brain injury thing although I sure would have bought that excuse. Who can be THAT stupid right? anyways, basically he had a shit marriage and was hoping maybe I did too and was looking for a fuck buddy "on the side" because a divorce would have just "cost him too much". Seriously. I know, how pathetic eh? I was OFFENDED he thought I might be game for such a retarded gig but none the less I was drawn to this like a car know, dont want to look but cant help it right? So I emailed him back asking questions and sure enough I was right. He, in summery, was looking for someone he already knew before resorting to a dating service. So hes a cheating asshole AND cheep. Whatever. I'm just wondering if your Mr. Ex isn't trying to run a bigger game on you. I think he was just feeling you out, your life, your marriage and the whole nine. I'll bet the bank if you would have expressed an interest in hooking up he'd be willing to "buy you another ticket" if ya know what I mean. EEEESSSSHHHH, your husband is right, kindda creepy. Heres my suggestion. Find a way to figure out who his wife is and contact her in a "concerned way". Like email or something, I wouldnt call her either. WATCH how fast this creep freaks outs. Your right on about her ya know. I'm SURE she doesnt know he's up to all of this. NO woman in her right mind is gonna support their man contacting an ex, NOBODY. Or, actually, do nothing and he'll go away. Ok, fine, do that. but still, it could be fun to mess with him. How bored are you, LMAO. Anyways, sorry for the novel here, all I was trying to say and what I think you already know is he's trying to PLAY you. Write him back and tell him to put his helmet back on before he further hurts himself and kindly PISS OFF.

Take care!! Kym

7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know, he may try and contact you again. I say this because the last line of his message said "...may be back this afternoon." As if to say he will be continuing this kind of back-pedaling horse poop later. If he does just send one last "leave me alone" email. If he still persists in contacting you, you will know for sure he wants something from you, and then I would contact his wife. No one deserves to get hurt by a guy like this. On the other hand, she could be just as melodramatic as her husband and in that case, you have opened a brand new can of worms sister.


8:45 AM  
Blogger Pusillanimous Wanker said...

Not looking to defend him here . . . but possibly a case for some slack. I worked for five years at a rehab for people who had experienced head injuries. They do not only forget things that happened before the accident, but continue to have trouble forming and retaining new memories. The effect will last a lifetime, in the majority of cases.

That being said, they often do use this handicap as an excuse for bad behavior. And the "one last fling" thing was inexcusable regardless.

2:41 PM  

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