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Saturday, February 12, 2005

What's my Fate? 97.8...

My temps took another sorry dip this morning.... WTF???? Now they look more like the rocky mountains than ever....

I should have asked the nurse the other day exactly HOW my temps COULD go up since I have VERY low progesterone (supposed to be in the 20's and mine was 2.4 when tested...)??? And progesterone in your body is what makes the temp go up... from my understanding... which is (as usual) clear as mud.

Also... I have always had what I would "consider "O" pangs... a slight little pinching (mostly on the right) every month that would tell me that I was o-ing.... Am I crazy??? I also get the "O" blues... like light PMS... boobs hurt... moody... etc... but just a little...

I am pathetic... I am trying to convince myself that I have ovulated and just don't get the temp rise like everyone else... IN THE WORLD.

I will have to go back to OPK's and be very religious about them to see if I can catch a LH surge.. when I have used them in the past I have sort of done them whenever... not really paying attention to the time or if I used them every day... Some women do them 2 or three times a day trying to catch the surge...

The nurse said I "should" have both a temp rise and + OPK... but that even one would lean more to the fact that I am ovulating...

SO... I will get a new battery for my thermometer today and search on the internet for CHEAP ovulation pee sticks... I will also start the progesterone tonight like she said so get ready for a FAKE temp rise and FAKE crosshairs on FF by Monday...

In other news...
Dear Fertile Crack Heads,
Please refrain from throwing your newborn babies out of moving vehicles. It *could* harm the child and it makes us infertile women (and probably most of the world) want to beat you to a bloody pulp. Oh... by the way... what the FUCK is wrong with you???

Oh wait... oh you poor Fertile Crack Head... you MADE UP the whole "thrown from the car" story because you didn't WANT your baby and didn't know what to do even though you are 38 and have ANOTHER child? Oh.....Now it all makes perfect sense... By the way WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU??? Adoption... ever heard of it? Nah... I have a better idea... just put the baby in a plastic bag (placenta and all) and say someone threw it out of a car... much better...

OMG... I think I am going to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS... Gotta LOVE the last line of the "made up" article.



Blogger Sara said...

I read that article yesterday . . . like I say, she is a waste of humanity and we should have driven over her AFTER she was thrown from a window long, long ago. I am just happy that the baby is fine and someone will be very blessed to have him.

Sorry about the temp confusion. I have been there. I think getting a new thermometer battery is the way to go. I use the "Answer" OPKs. I get them from Walgreens, which I am not sure if you have there, but a package of 7 is usually about $16. Seems to be cheaper than most.

Good luck! :-)

7:47 AM  
Blogger Jenna said...

Hey Jamie,
I am so sick of these stupid people!!!! I am so sick of charting. I am right there with you. I also had yet another dip today in my temps... it just keeps going down. Good luck with the OPK.. i think i a might start trying that but if temping is this frustating I don't know if I can handle both.

In other news. I started a new blog so anyone can discuss books. I thought we would start by coming to term. hence... the blog is called hope you come.

7:57 AM  
Blogger Lesley said...

Jamie, you know, I have the same thing, I feel a pain ( every second month) when ovulating and I have sore boobs already! Weird, must be our hormones! Not nice though as I get enough symptoms when Af due!
I can't understand these woman in the world. All I can do it make sure I am not like them!
Take Care
Luv Lesley

8:46 PM  

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