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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Conceive Mag....

I was leary to check out CONCEIVE MAGAZINE because I thought it would be another incognito pregnancy magazine... but it really isn't. In fact... I LOVED it. There were great and informative articles... one that I LOVED was on finding support online and on message boards.. I thought of all my friends here. There was a lot of info on IUI and IVF, an article on clomid, and even an article on choosing to live childfree after infertility. I plan to have Mr. D. read several of the articles too... There was also a surprisingly few pictures of pregnant bellies and babies (which always tend to bother me lately) And (best of all) I didn't feel sad after reading it... I felt a little more hopeful and a little less alone.

I really recommend picking up a copy. I really felt like the magazine was "conceived" just for me.

Will post tomorrow after my 2 (yes... TWO) doctors visits... I have one at 10:30 with Dr. #4 to demand monitoring... and then at 3:45 I have a back up monitoring session scheduled with Dr. #3... (the only downside to everything is having to tell Dr#3 that I have been cheating on him with Dr. #4.. and then I have to explain the clomid fiasco the past two cycles. ugggghhh...) But rest assured that someone WILL look at my ute tomorrow and explain to me WTF is going on!!! I also found an RE in my area that I am thinking of seeing if things with these other two jokers don't go well. Wish me luck.


Blogger Lesley said...

Sending you lot's and lot's of luck for you appointment Jamie. I hope you get some helpful and informative answers.
Hugs from Lesley

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Sara said...

Let us know how your appointments go. I also agree with you, I enjoyed the magazine very much, too. :-)

6:12 AM  
Anonymous gownland said...

best of luck..

11:18 AM  

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