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Thursday, September 01, 2005

OK... I think this is a conspiracy...

I don't think God wants me to know if or when I ovulate.... Let's see... I've tried OPK"s, 3 rounds of monitoring gone wrong,... and now... My MM is fucked up. I think Alisa's comment yesterday was right... I think the MM must be screwed up for the month due to too much or to little pee on one or more days lately... Sara over at BABY OR BUST wrote about the phenomenon once... HOLY SHIT... Can't I even PEE right????? So... I am gonna to pretend that since I got my first HIGH on cd 12 then IF I "o"ed it was probably/ possibly/ maybe on cd 14... We had TTCSex on cd 13,14, &15... So... maybe... MAYBE I caught the surge.

I was wrong about my dr. Asshole appt. yesterday... it is TODAY... I actually realized it before I went to the office which is good but after I shaved myself to silky smoothness which is bad... So today he will see more razor burn than anything else... I will try to scam and ultra sound out of him to see if there are any follicles or cysts hanging around... my belly has been SUPER bloated for the last couple of days so I am a little concerned about more cysts...

My goals at DR. A's today are:
1. Annual visit... pap breast exam etc...

2. Refill of prescription of Metformin at possibly upping dosage to 2500 mg a day

3. Refill of progesterone oral meds that he has me take vaginally... this is a new experimental way to get the progesterone... not sure how I feel about it... but I do need a refill.

4. A complete blood work up to see what the Met is doing to me... if anything... I haven't lost ANY weight which is the #1side effect... FUCK... of all the best side effects to have WHY CAN'T I HAVE THIS ONE???????

5. A u/s to check for cysts... and possible unknown magic pregnancy... maybe I am one of those women who are 8 months pg with twin and never gained any weight or skipped a period... It does happen sometimes!!!!...(hahahaha... I crack myself up!)

I'll let you know how the appointment goes...


Blogger Em said...

I am about to start Met and my eyes lit up when my Dr said it can aid in weight loss. If I can't get pregnant I at least wnat to lose weight! Have you been happy with the Met treatment?

1:36 PM  
Blogger Sheryl said...

I hear ya about the met! I was excited to think I'd lose weight. but NO. I've been sick almost 24 hours a day (just nausea)... and almost every big meal I have goes right through me. I was on 1500mg a day and he cut me back to 1000mg to see if that helped. What effects are you having from it??


4:33 PM  

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