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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Paint fumes are going to my head...

Breathing paint fumes isn't bad if you are pregnant... right?

Ok... I am probably not pg, but... if I was (and I said I am probably not) what the hell am I doing stuck in this not-at-all-ventilated-theatre sucking in the fumes while my students paint and stain this mammoth set?

Top five reasons I don't think I am pregnant this month and should NOT go spent $15 to prove it:

1. Boobs don't feel sore enough.
2. Not peeing all that much
3. I am still at least 3 days away from AF... maybe more if my cycles go back to the 32 days they were before the m/c.
4. Only nauseous when I don't eat and personally I think it is way to early to be pg nauseous and I have been tired but not "I have to lay down right now and nap" tired... just "hmmm... I am tired" tired.
5. Because I am not that lucky.

Devils advocate time here...

Top 5 reasons I think I might be pregnant and want to pee on the stick!
1. My boobs are kind of sore...
2. I usually don't get nauseous unless I am in the back seat of a swervy car
3. I want to know the MINUTE their is any hcG detected so I can get progesterone and heparin.
4. I seem to get pregnant easily if we do it on the right day... which we did...
5. I have been super grouchy and tired...

So, I sit here in the theatre at 5:15... students painting and building... waiting to start rehearsal at 6... wondering about this pregnancy thing. How am I supposed to know if I feel pregnant... I don't trust my body (or my mind) at this point.

Why did God make pregnancy symptoms feel just like AF symptoms??? That seems kind of redundant. I mean couldn't God come up for some clearer signals that a woman is entering the most exciting and scary phase of her life... motherhood. It is a life changing event isn't it? It should be marked by something other than sore boobs and puking?

To test or not to test... that is the question. I don't know what to do. I don't want to wait but I also don't want to set myself up for disappointment.

Enough with the rambling... I have a rehearsal to get to!


Blogger Jen said...

thanks for being so supportive on my blog jamie! you're such a great gal. i had a hard time resisting the urge to test this morning. but when i read the test i had saved from last month i realized it wasn't very senstive and i am technically not 'late' yet. i'm trying to think positively and tell myself that when it happens, it happens, but when i am down like this it's hard to see good things, you know? i am feeling better though with my new 'do'

hope AF doesn't show up for you this weekend!! it would be neat if we were preggo together!


2:30 AM  
Blogger Chantelle said...

Just a thought and maybe a bit radical if you're not 'into' health, but have you tried to do a cleansing diet for you and Mr D? I found your blog as I was googling paint fumes and drying times. I know of a couple of couples who have been successful after trying for a long time to get pregnant by juicing (carrots especially) and doing some other cleansing diets, cutting out meats and dairy. As I said very radical, but worth it if you really want a baby bad enough. You can get bags of organic carrots and some places like Pacific Botanicals sells the organic powder for juices also.

12:55 PM  

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