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Friday, September 10, 2004

Essay on Teaching - Grade C-

The assistant Theatre teacher I teach with is AMAZING!!! I LOVE him! As head of the department it is a breath of fresh air to FINALLY (after 7 years) have someone in that position that I know is doing a great job and who is teaching the kids everything they need to know before they step foot into the super competitive realm of my advanced theatre class. He is great with the Theatre I kids, he is great teaching the technical theatre class, and he is a GREAT friend! I am passionate about my job and I am so thankful that he feels the same way about theatre and about teaching kids...

Funny story about his class today...
Mr. "Great Teacher" was giving a test today and since he has been having trouble with kids being tardy to his class he added a question to make sure kids understood his tardy policy. It is simple, he expects you to be in your seat when the bell rings... pretty standard.. right?

Question #30 - When are you tardy to my class?

Lindsey's answer - Friday... i had to go to the bathroom.

I find it very ironic that I spend most of my day teaching (and sometimes parenting) other people's children... and yet... I can't seem to have my own

Tomorrow is Saturday. We have a build day from 10AM to 10PM to build the set for our musical. We are building a church to be exact since that is where our fun little obscure musical takes place. So Mr. "Great Teacher" and I will be in charge of 35 high school students using power tools and paint... for approximately 12 hours. Every year we ask (beg) for parent help... every year parents drive their kid up to the school on Saturday morning and drop them off.
Oh well... you can't curse in front of the kids if their parents are there... (only did that once...last year I dropped the F bomb when a little 11th grade girl accidentally drilled into my finger with a power drill. I think her mom would have understand the lack of judgment with my colorful vocabulary... Considering that I was spurting blood and balling my head off!) Hopefully there will be no trips to the emergency room tomorrow.

Daily stats:
prenatal vitamin - yep
baby aspirin- yep
progesterone cream-yep
nausea - none
boobs - no ache - except from all the punching and poking them I am doing...
Pee- at least 7 times... but I was drinking a lot of water
Rolaids- 2


Blogger Jen said...

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your comments on my blog about what I was going through yesterday. It really helped to see that first thing this morning! Your blogs are always so interesting, I love to read them. Hope you have a good set-building day. You have the coolest job. Baby dust and baby glue to you!!

Your faithful reader,


4:18 AM  

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