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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Build Day - Post mortem

Today I had a mandatory build day for my students to build the set for our upcoming musical... here is the run down.

12 1/2 - number of hours worked
34 - number of kids that showed up
0 - number of parents that showed up to help... (OK... 1 dad came and helped the last 2 hours... we needed it... BAD.)
5 - number of Home Depot trips
5 - number of food runs... Wendy's, Sonic, Taco Bell, Starbucks, & Jack in the Box
38 -number of costumes in the show
28 - number of costumes we have finished
5 -number of hours it took 7 kids to hang a door... Straight.
8 - number of walls hung
4 - number of gallons of pumpkin colored paint used
16 - number of paint rollers used and washed out about 5 times
300 -number of "stripped" screws
0 - Number of curse words I uttered in front of kids
100 -number of times I WANTED to curse in front of the kids
6 - number of drill bits broken
34 - number of kids I yelled at during some part of the day
1 - number of girls found in restroom puking and sent home
20 - number of Homecoming signs made
0 -number of trips to the emergency roon... score!
568 -number of dollars spent on building the set... so far

We are now about 65% done with the set.
The show opens October 7.
We are in good shape... now if the cast would just learn their LINES and MUSIC and CHOREOGRAPHY!!!

Barely thought of wanting a child today... build days with 34 teenagers is great motivation to use birth control!


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Alex from the Infertile Gourmet sent me over. Great blog.

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