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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Place tail between legs...

OK... I was out of control yesterday... I know that. I was so mean and grumpy to everyone around me that even when I was doing it I was thinking "Wow... I hope that I can bring back nice Jamie before everyone on the planet hates my guts". I already moan that I wish I had more friends, but thank God I don't... they would all hate my after yesterday.

Here are 3 ways that I know I was out of line yesterday:
1. I woke up with 2 HUGE zits... one on each cheek...uuuggghhhh... karma.
2. One of my students left me a sweet note telling me what a great teacher I am and how lucky she is to be in my class...and how she is so sorry that the cast of my play sucks but she is sure they will get better soon. (guilt...) She left this note taped to my computer screen so I would see it first thing in the morning.
3. My worst student, who I yelled at yesterday for borrowing a book without my permission, came in to class early with the book and a bag of M&M's for a peace offering. (They are now bringing in chocolate in hopes to soothe the beast.)

Today was a new day... Even before the bribe I gave myself an attitude adjustment and swore that I would stay calm today.

Mr. D calls me and whisks me off to a nice long surprise lunch on my conference period (my conference period is attached to lunch so I have a 2 hour chunk in the middle of the school day... Very luxurious). So we head over to Whole Foods because we are committed to a healthy diet since watching Oprah yesterday... "Sugar gives you wrinkles... broccoli is nature's perfect food". I had a wonderful (and colorful) salad and black bean soup along with a full ounce of dark chocolate... I swear Oprah said it is good for you! Then... Mr. D surprises me again by buying me a 15 minute chair massage... IT IN MIDDLE OF THE SCHOOL DAY!!! I truly do have the most thoughtful husband on the planet. And what did all of this teach me? People really love being treated like shit... and if you are mean to them you get presents!

Ok.. I actually learned more than that and have turned over a new "nice" leaf.

CD20 / DPO = 6: Felt nauseous again today in the morning, at 11 am, and again in the afternoon (food helps immediately)... peed a lot again... boobs = not all that sore... lots of heartburn... typical NON-PREGNANCY related symptoms.


Blogger Jen said...

Hiya Jamie!

I love reading your blogs! Umm, maybe all the chocolate you are eating is giving you the zits? Hehee, like something so yummy could do that to us right?


3:07 AM  

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