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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Progesterone Blues...

I am in an argument with my bottle of progesterone cream.

I know from my doctor that I need progesterone supplements. I also know from other women that many doctors have you use the supplements while you are TTC... my doctor says that he wants to wait until I have a BFP before he prescribes them...

SO... I started using the OTC progesterone cream... you know... just in case...

Here's the trouble... Erin D my friend from Pregnancy Weekly just found out that this cream can cause soreness in the breasts... just like pregnancy. Fine... good to know...

BUT... if it causes boob soreness did it ALSO cause all the false pregnancy symptoms that I experienced this month? I had tons of zits, mild nausea, tummy bloating, and I really felt grouchy... along with the soreness. And this was more than just bad PMS... it started about 12 days before AF came. I think that it is really stressful because I want to be pregnant and I know what I felt like both times I was pregnant so I was SURE that I was pregnant again.

I know that if this cream is helping to make my uterus the perfect cotton candy playground that a baby needs to stick than it is worth it to use the cream... (At least until the doctor will give me the real goods) but... I have got to find out how much of these symptoms this cream can cause. AND I wonder if you keep using it if these symptoms subside or I need to resolve myself to feeling PMS-y all the time.

Which brings me to my final point...



Blogger Emma Jane said...

I don't anything about progesterone cream. At all.

But, the progesterone supplementation (via big painful shots in the butt!) that IVFers take is notorious for causing all possible early pregnancy symptoms... that's part of what makes that particular 2 week wait such hell.

And yes, they certainly should say more on the label. If it's getting any hormone to you at all, then there could be lots of effects!

5:35 PM  

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