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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Party of Six.

Morning of cd 33... no AF... another BFN... ok... what the fuck???

I need to start my PCOS testing in the first 5 days of my cycle and I am starting to get worried that if AF doesn't show soon that I will have to wait another month because I am sure my RE will be closed AT LEAST Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving! What the FUCK???

Having an "Italian Thanksgiving" small dinner party tonight... Mr. D., me, and 4 of our actor friends are coming over at 7... Ric, Patrick, Frank, and Chris.... all gay men so there will be absolutely NO talk of pregnancy or babies... yea!!!! Unfortunately there will be gobs of conversation about how fucked our regional theatre world is ... which... (since I haven't been on stage in well over a year... and my whole world is focused around my infertility issues and babies...) will be really boring to me... You just can't win.

On the menu...(the theme for the evening is EASY...)

Appetizers - assorted bread with olive oil and roasted garlic dipping sauce and bruchetta (sp?).

Salad- spring mix with blue cheese, red onions, perchuttio (sp???) with Italian dressing.

Main Course - Cheese ravioli and garlic bread... (Mr. D. also wants to cook plain spaghetti... which is so weird to me... He thinks that we need another main course... but isn't that like serving pasta with a side order of pasta???)

Dessert - unknown...probably some fancy store bought cake with pretty icing from the Central Market bakery.

Coffee and biscotti afterwards.

Mr. D. cleaned the house yesterday while I was at work so I just have to scrub the bathrooms and set the table... and probably vacuum again so I have nice lines in the carpet.

I am so looking forward to tonight... but I am a little afraid that AF may show up (which I WANT her to) but I don't need the cramps and bloating that she usually brings on the first day!

I'll let you know how it goes...

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