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Thursday, December 16, 2004

House guests.. day 7

My cold has moved out of my throat and in to my head and chest... despite the congestion (which makes it hard to sleep) I am feeling much better.

Our house guest moved out on Wednesday morning only to move back in Wednesday night... This money pit house seems to have a never ending list of things wrong with it... Now (on the coldest nights that were have had so far) the heater gave out. So they have to replace the entire heating/ cooling system. They will be here until at least Friday which will be 8 nights. They are so sweet and very appreciative... it is just weird having a whole other family in your space. The last two nights because I was feeling bad I really just wanted to veg and watch TV... but I ended up sitting and visiting with M and the boys... while A. went out and played basketball. Why is he out playing basketball when his new home is un-live-able... I don't know and neither does M. I guess it is a guy thing... but I tell you what... M. doesn't EVER seem to get a break without the kids. I seems like a very "uneven relationship". But... I don't say anything....

Mr. D. mentioned to me that he doesn't like the way they talk to each other... It is just so short and edgy... It sounds like some bad episode of Home Improvement or All In The Family... Very macho and "male dominated" and Mr. D. and I just have a much different relationship. In fact... if someone spoke to me the way A. talks to M... I would probably leave. Mr. D . and I just don't talk to each other in a harsh or sarcastic tone... our home is a very peaceful place... Don't get me wrong... we argue... but just not constant low grade bickering... I really believe what Maya Angelou says "You teach people how to treat you." I think that Mr. D. and I just have a mutual respect that doesn't cross these boundaries. I am rambling... Blah blah blah....

I still need to do a lot of shopping before Saturday when we have Christmas at my Dad's house.

Today is cd 24... I am somewhere between 10-13 dpo... I still haven't bought anymore tests... how long do you think I can hold out? Preg symptoms: sore boobs (prometrium), congestion (cold), and... um... well that is it... which is one more reason I don't think I am pg...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am keeping my hopes up for you! You don't always have to have symptoms to be prego! At least that is what I am hoping is happening with you!

Good luck! I am keeping you in my prayers!

Mrsschroer (PW board)

3:31 PM  

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