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Thursday, December 02, 2004


After a particularly grueling day of teaching and rehearsals I just remembered that my 2nd u/s appointment is tomorrow at 11:00 am... It is weird how being busy, stressed, and exhausted can make you forget things. Now I am all nervous about tomorrow... I can tell it is a Tylenol PM and merlot kind of evening.

Tomorrow we will get a good look at the follicles on cd 11 and see if they are looking mature and ready to pop out an egg or if they... don't.

Please say a prayer for me that PCOS is something that we can scratch off our list of possibilities... And please pray that we leave the RE's office tomorrow with more answers than questions...

Oh.. one of my students mother is an adoption counselor and I asked her to send me some basic info. I got it today and I can't even imagine diving into that sea of unknown-ness. Adoption and the financing of an adoption seem so foreign to me I can only stare at the packet and wonder "How do people begin to sort through this???" Boy do I wish I had an extra $30,000 laying around so I could move forward.... But I can't imagine that we will ever be able to tackle that... Mr. D. will be 45 in 18 months and 45 is a cut off point for most adoption agencies... that is scary... That means we don't have long before we have to decide if adoption is a option for us and to figure out what bank we can rob to get the funds to pay for it...

Feeling sad and disillusioned...

please pray for my ovaries...


Blogger Emily said...

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.


7:30 PM  
Blogger Chas said...

Good luck on the appointment this morning! I will be thinking of you.

I know what you mean about the $30,000....if you find a bank, grab some for me. I may need it too. =(

Let me know how everything goes for you. Remember that we are thinking about you and we lourve you!!!


4:16 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Hope it's good news, Jamie.

10:43 AM  

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