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Monday, December 13, 2004

Random Ketchup...

Had a very busy weekend... So far so good with the prometrium... I have actually been in a fairly good mood... feeling very even. After the first day I did stock up on panty liners. Thanks for all the important info you guys left me... especially Kath... If you haven't read her information about "pesseries" it is really informative.

My students had a great performances this week! We sold out 5 consecutive shows! I was very proud of them and of Mr. Good Teacher for directing such a successful show. This week we have the holiday party on Tuesday and a BIG teacher appreciation breakfast on Friday morning that the theatre department hosts... after that... I am off until January 4th! YAY!

Went Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon... I still need about 10 more gifts... mostly for Mr. D.... I will probably get that out of the way this week or on Saturday before we have Christmas with my Dad and his "other" family on Saturday.

Got a massage yesterday... SOOOOOO good... The girl said I was so "crunchy" in the shoulder area ( wanting a baby will do that I guess)... she also said that I probably needed 2 more hours of massage for her to get all the knots out... I know she is right. This morning my shoulder actually feel sore and bruised from her trying to get the "crunchies"... I need to drink more water and get back to yoga... a lose weight... and... oh well... forget it....

I am on cd 21... the prometrium boob soreness has kicked in. So far I am not feeling anything else like I might be pregnant. I don't think this is going to be our month. I think I will ask to do the follicle monitoring again next month and try to see if I do get a mature 18mm follicle during the month of January... if not then maybe clomid... but I think I want to wait and try for a year before we even think about a lap or IUI. Since I have a prescription for prometrium for about 6 months.. I think after the holidays and one more month of folly monitoring I may try another doctor.

Trying to decide when I will test... I think I will try to wait until Saturday. I am not looking forward to a BFN right before the holidays... or getting a BFP and scrambling to get 2 hcg's and being paranoid about the results... Hmmmm... how long can I ignore it???


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