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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Back to life... Back to reality....

There is nothing like having to threaten to have someone arrested to get them to leave you alone... Jeez.

Got AF on cd35 today!!!
I can't BELIEVE she made me wait so L O N G...

I called my new RE and they saw me this afternoon for my first of 3 "follicle monitoring" ultrasounds this cycle to look for signs of PCOS. Can you believe that??? Same day service from an RE... and they were nice too. I was not excited about an trans vag. u/s while on AF... but it is important that they get a look at every stage of your cycle... good to get the worst over first right?

They also may want to do a laperoscopy... but I don't want that yet... WAY to scary to even think about... My aunt had to have a total hysterectomy due to a laperoscopy gone REALLY wrong... It was a freak thing where the doctor nicked her bowels in the process and she almost died... they messed up her insides soo bad and even though she got a LOT of $$$ in a malpractice suit... she would rather have kept her uterus... Sooo... I am PRETTY DANG LEARY of that particular procedure.... (I know it was a freak occurrence.... and this was 15 years ago.... but... I just don't want one....)

Love the new doctors staff... didn't see the actual doctor today.. he was in surgery. When the nurse handed me a long list of blood work they were asking for I found out that the old doctor didn't send over a WHOLE bunch of blood work results (the only sent 1/2 of the paper work to the new doctor... on purpose... who knows???)

Any way... had the icky u/s... The Nurse Practiciner (sp??? I know it's wrong but HOW can do you spell it?????) said my follicles looked a little swiss cheesy (translations... possible PCOS) but she said that she was only slightly concerned and felt that we may actually be on the road to ruling out PCOS... I got for u/s #2 on Dec 3 to see if my ovaries are about to bust out an egg (it will be cd13)... If not then "Houston we have a problem...." One good thing... if there is an egg busting out we will know exactly WHEN and can time TTCSex better.

I have to go back tomorrow and pick up my blood work slip... They wanted the RE to see ALL the labs from the old doctor before before I get new blood work... no sense running the same tests... I want him to see the acceptable levels on my Antithrombin III, Protein C and Protein S. I know I will have a lipid panel, TSH, anticardiolipids (again), Testosterone, Progesterone, and a couple of more... (Wow.. fertility doctors sure are fun!)

The nurse opinion is that I have sticky blood and just need the lovenox and she told me to keep up with the baby aspirin that I have been taking... I will also start prometrium supplements this month!!! That is exciting because I want to know that my hcg will actually have a chance to double if I get pregnant. We are doing EVERYTHING... Once you are in an RE's office be READY for fast paced doctoring and lots of tests!!!! I actually feel like I was listened to and taken care of... all in the same visit... Whoa...

Ok.. That's it for the visit...

Mr. D. and I are putting up the tree tonight (early... I know.. but who cares!!!) and watching ELF. I love decorating the house for the holidays.. we do something in every room. It will be beautiful.

Side note***About the haters... Several of the women who wrote mean things on the board about me have posted how angry they are that I posted their comments on my blog... even though I didn't use their names. I find it so ironic that they are upset with me for posting exactly what they wrote on a public message board... and yet they are not remorseful at having actually written it.

Also... The reason that I stay on PW is because of the support from the women there who know me... These are women that I have grown close to and who really do "get it" and really understand how frustrating TTC can be. I also feel like even though it is a Pregnancy Weekly board it is an Actively Trying page and we are actively trying... reeeeeally trying... I I feel like I do belong there... as long as I am wanted. To Erin, Lauren, Jenna, Chasity, Kathryn, Lesley, JennieG, and so many other friends from PW (even Amanda and Kelly) thank you for defending me and caring enough about me to stick by me. You guys are as real to me as my "real life" friends and I hope I can support you as much as you have supported me lately. I do lourve you all.


Blogger Emily said...

Good luck with the RE treatments and I hope they find out that it's not PCOS, or, if it is, that it's treatable and get you on to the baby making business.

Screw the trolls, they don't get it and never will. Not worth worrying your pretty head over.


3:20 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

OOHHH, I want an RE!!!! Maybe Santa will leave one in my stocking???
I'm so glad you're making progress.
Thank you for the touching thank you, it made me happy!!

I hung Christmas lights on the front porch, and I have watched Elf twice since Sunday. Yeah!! It's never too early for some Christmas spirit.


4:54 PM  
Blogger Kath said...


Just so you know that first, and foremost, I am on your side. This is your blog and yes you can say whatever you like.

But if you keep mentioning the girls/comments on PW you are inviting trouble. Please just ignore them and keep your PW life seperate from your blog life.

There is so many more intersting things to blog about.

BTW sorry about your AF.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am so glad that your appointment went good. I may be visiting an RE after the first of the year. We will have to see how all goes.

Thanks for the sweet post...we lourve you too!

Honestly, I am proud of you for sticking up for yourself. You are a strong courageous woman who only deserves the best in life!

Keep your chin up and stay strong. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


4:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nurse Practitioner-HTH! I had better be able to spell my own profession, huh?
And BTW, you were totally right about the accutane. The FDA rates drugs as to how safe they are to use during pregnancy. Accutane is rated pregnancy category X by the FDA, which means "Studies in animals or human beings have demonstrated fetal abnormalities or there is evidence of fetal risk based on human experience or both, and the risk of the use of the drug in pregnant women clearly outweighs any possible benefit. The drug is contraindicated in women who are or may become pregnant." OK, you probably already knew all that, but maybe some one who didn't will see it.
And please-it's YOUR blog. You can write whatever you want!
Good luck!
-Abby (

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do agree with the other lady. You DO need to keep your blog SEPERATE from PW. You are inviting trouble.

10:50 AM  

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