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Sunday, December 26, 2004


I actually felt so yucky yesterday on Christmas... I actually thought I might be pregnant... I was dizzy, nauseous, and had the worst headache ever...

Needless to say... I am not pregnant... This must just be AF's way of torturing me... Could these symptoms be a side effects from stopping the progesterone 3 days ago??? I felt SO bad yesterday that I actually used another prometrium... (after having stopped for a day and a half)because I got panicked that I was indeed pregnant.... I am probably confusing my body like crazy right now... After the one dose yesterday and another BFN this afternoon... I am off the vag. pills. Now.... AF... just fricken SHOW UP!!!!!

AF is starting with a drizzle instead of a gush... Yesterday... while I was feeling so bad I had just the slightest brown sludge... I PRAYED for a Christmas miracle and REALLY late implatation bleeding... but today I am still BFN with just this brown ooze... Again I ask... is this a progesterone side effect??? I thought it made you bleed more??? I have still not bothered to use anything more than a panty liner... So is this cd1 or cd 34???? Now my body is so effed up that I don't even know when (if) I am having a period!!!!

Despite feeling bad... Christmas was pleasant. I received lots of wonderful gifts both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, layed around in my p.j.'s with Mr. D. and my brother all afternoon eating sweets and watching the Disney Christmas Parade, and then in the evening we had a nice time (even with the headache from hell) visiting with Mr. D's family... no one said anything stupid or made me cry... so that alone made it a good day.

OK... prometrium junkies... I need the advice on this weird AF thing... Uhm... WTF?????

1. Are these symptoms side effects of stopping progesterone??? (headache, dizzy, nauseous, feeling like you are going to snap someone's head off, eating all the Christmas cookies, and brown sludge)

2. What cd am I on??? Christmas Day I had very little spotting... today slightly more... (no tampons used yet)

Thanks girls... I am off to eat some nacho's at Don Pablos... yum.


Blogger Kath said...

When the flood gates open it will be CD1. The progestrone makes your AF very very heavy. Mine arrives 4 days after stopping the pessaries.

I think the crabby feeling is from stopping your progerstone. Aside from being angry about not getting pregnant, the big drop in hormones is probably it.

4:27 PM  

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