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Monday, February 28, 2005

Dr. New III

Saw the Dr. New III today...No miracle cures.

We looked over things and these are his opinion:

1. He suggested that I quit temping and go to using 2 OPK's a day to try to catch the LH surge... he doesn't like temping... he thinks it is to frustrating to the woman and too many things can influence the temp changes.

2. He thinks a lap is not a "bad" idea... but he says they can look at three things to help determine endo.. #1 the lap, #2 an HSG (mine was clear two years ago) and #3 Can you get pregnant? (I did twice.) Two outta three ain't bad.. I think we will continue to wait on the lap. If I am not pg by 34 (November) it may be time to do it... (my thoughts not Dr. New III's)

3. He doesn't prescribe oral progesterone vaginally.. he didn't say it was bad or wrong and he had heard of doing that... he just hasn't tried it.

4. He says he thinks the fact that I have not become pg again quickly is probably based on my age and not on something "wrong" or keeping me from getting pg. Jeez... I'm only 33....

5. He said that even if I did IUI or IVF... there is no guarantee that I won't m/c again... And no reason to think that I would... quite a paradox.

6. He thinks that we should not "burn up to much time" trying natrually because we want to have plenty of time to try again if I did have another m/c.

7. He said if I were 23 he wouldn't suggest anything but "trying" again naturally.. but since I am 33 he suggested trying clomid to stimulate a bigger follicle and therefore a bigger cyst on the ovary that would #1 make it more likely that I get pg each month and #2 that the bigger cyst would "probably" produce more progesterone naturally and help sustain the pg. That way we are hurrying things along a little. We can start clomid about 5 days after I get my period.

His big suggestion.. That we should do what we want and what we feel most comfortable with and nothing more.. that we have time to decide what is right for us and that he can't promise a miracle... but he will try to help me get and stay pg.

Clomid... here we come. (I think..) of course I have to know what the internet thinks before I make up my mind totally.. So... what do you think?

AF still has showed no signs... Got another BFN this morning... Dr. New III offered a blood test to make sure... I politely declined... who needs Hope creeping in at a time like this?


Blogger Rosanne said...


My husband and I went through the same discussion about Clomid and whether or not we should take the plunge into snazzy drugs. Especially since they really couldn't find anything wrong other than my low prog. We came to a similar conclusion that it seems you're coming to and we were going to do it. In addition to the ability to make a stronger follie, it can also trigger multiple ovulations so Mr D's swimmers would have more targets. That's why my RE was suggesting it. Interesting about the bodies ability to produce more prog with a stronger O. As long as you're comfortable with the risk of multiples (which initially really freaked me out), I'd go for it.


5:25 PM  
Blogger Sara said...


I have heard great things about Clomid, so I would go for it. Maybe do some reading on it to help you make your final decision. I wonder how far in my future making that decision is for me, too.

I didn't know Clomid could trigger multiple ovulations. That is super-cool!

Wish I could help you more with your decision . . .

7:00 PM  
Blogger Jenna said...

Hey.. so how do you feel about the Dr? The last Dr you talked about your feelings when you were in his office and things like that. I hope that he is a good Dr and really works for you.
I don't have any suggestions about clomid I have not been on it and you probably know every I know about it.
What I did want to tell you a long time ago you were writing about time and you felt like you didn't have much because the cut off for adoption is 40 and Mr D is almost 40. I just wanted to let you know that there is a domestic adoption agency that doesn't have an age cut off. I is the independent adoption company. I think I am really tired I just wanted to make sure to tell you so you would know that you have time; time to try on your own as long as you need to. I do pray and hope you will never have to use adoption but I hope it helps to know that it is still an option for a while.
Your in my thoughts.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Lesley said...

Jamie...Sounds like the Doctor is ok. I am hoping he works out to be a good Doctor for you. I am sorry about the bfn... It is never easy and it never get's easier either it seems. Your in my thoughts Jamie
Hugs and love

7:40 PM  
Blogger Erin said...


He sounds good to me, like he's giving it to you straight but backing off enough to let you make your own decision.
I think clomid is a good idea, I've seen it happen for people on FF at least.
One thing I have heard about clomid is that it tends to dry up all that nice fertile cm. Maybe ask your doc about taking an expectorant--like Robitussin--or maybe the doctors have something even better in their arsenal. Just one of the side effects that I've heard of.

5:18 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Glad to hear you've gotten another opinion.

I'm on my 5th Clomid cycle, on a very low dose (25 mg). On at least one cycle, it boosted my day 21 progesterone to 20 (from the 8 it had been previously). However, it was on another Clomid cycle that I had a m/c, and we don't know what my progesterone was that cycle (except that it was low at the end of the pregnancy).

So my two cents are: if you're comfortable with the Clomid, go for it, but don't stop the progesterone supps.

Good luck! Thinking of you guys...

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clomid is great for some people. I used it for 6 months I never ovulated but I have PCOS and it doesn't always work for that. I read your blog regulary and never posted before. I have been through 2 M/C and I know the devastation it causes. My vote is try it. I don't see any cons as long as your dr monitors you. Good Luck with what ever you decide. A warning though-Clomid made me very edgy and grumpy but hey so does IF in general so maybe it's just me.

2:22 PM  
Blogger CallistaWolf said...

Good luck with the Clomid...I just started it (again) this cycle. Hopefully you won't have any icky side-effects and that it will work wonderfully for you. I'll be checking in on you!

2:43 PM  
Anonymous alex said...

I think it sounds good...maybe to just give the ovaries a boost. Of course go with your gut. But you have my vote if that means anything.

4:58 PM  
Blogger VHMPrincess said...

I wonder why FF is so wrong? You should ask the guides whey it would pick that day when the "rise" didn't appear until d20?

I was hoping you were just using 1 brand of tests and that maybe swichting brands might reveal a bfp...sorry.

6:43 AM  

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