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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

cd 31...

Not much to post about... here are the highlights...

1. Cd 31 waiting on AF. Nope... I haven't tested...

2. Have make no new plans about the lap. Mr. D. doesn't want me to do it with my current doctor since I don't like him that much. Waiting for the end of school and AF to kick start me into getting a plan.

3. 3 more days of school... I just may make it.

4. The cleaning at work is really kicking my butt... I have been cleaning out files and piles on my desk so I can "shut down for the year... Besides my office I also have a costume shop, a scene shop, 2 dressing rooms, a copy room, and an entire theatre to clean out and keep organized... add 100 kids who like to "stash" crap everywhere instead of putting it away properly and a crazy co-teacher who is worse with making messes than all 100 students... and you can see why I am exhausted.

5. I thought I had a yeast infection but it didn't clear up with the meds I got... now I think it is a bladder infection... I am peeing about 15 times a day (webmd says 6 is average). I know that is a pg symptom... but..

I am trying cranberry juice...

6. Mr. D. and I have been on 4 big bike rides since getting out bikes.. our longest was 6 miles.. Is that good? I don't know... we just ride until we are tired... usually about an hour... Anyway it is more exercise than I have been getting... so that is a start.

7. All performances are over, banquet is over, new officer elections are over... last night we won three big awards for North Texas high school musical theatre... I still have a calendar meeting, 5 final exams, a UIL meeting, $700 to spend at Home Depot, $200 to spend at Target, finances to close out, grades to average, the whole "signing out for the summer process, and of course the cleaning.... Oh yes... and the sad part... I have goodbyes to say to my graduating students that I have taught for 3 years... Please God... Can't we just fast forward to Sunday???

8. We booked our week in Florida... Here are pics of our condo... I am so excited... I just can't wait to be done with school so I can start looking forward to my vacation and relaxation... No school May 28 - August 4.. How fucking sweet is that????

9. Mr. D. turns 45 on Friday... He picked out a swimsuit, towel, shirt, and flip flops for part of his birthday gift. I want to think of something else to surprise him with... but so far I can't come up with anything else... hmmm... any ideas???

10. Mr D. pulled out the last of our carpet (our bedroom and the attached sitting room). We are now carpet free!!!!! The crew will be here on Monday to finish the Pergo floors. For those of you that remember we did the living room and dining room in November, the office and extra bedroom in April, and now it will all be finished by the end of next week. Now we all are Pergo, ceramic tile and area rugs... MUCH better for a household of 3 kitties and a 13 year old pup.

Ok... that is all the ketchup for now. Hopefully I will post more often once school is over and life calms down... I will let you know when AF arrives and if she comes full of "inspiration" about what the heck I am supposed to do next.


Blogger Hoping said...

WOW. The villa is so great, you guys are going to have the best week together. Have fun!

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Amy Elle said...

I am coming out of lurkdome to tell you that I know several awesome docs in the Dallas area. I have personally seen them all, and would use them all again. (Especially for a 2nd opinion.) If you are interested, feel free to email me @ and I will send you names and phone numbers. I can even give you links to several websites if you want.

Best of luck. I am still holding out hope that you have no need of the lap.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Chas said...

The condo looks great! Ya'll are going to have such a great time! Happy Birthday to Mr. D!

Glad that school is almost out for ya! I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts.

I did e-mail you back before I came to TX...didn't know if you got it or not.

Take care.

12:10 PM  

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