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Saturday, August 02, 2008

cd 3.. why do I still have a need to know that???

We have a name...
Well... we have had it since May... but we still like it so it is time to go public...

Finley Elisse

Finley - is a Irish name meaning "Fair Warrior." Though it has gained some popularity as a female name in the U.S., Finley is masculine in all other English-speaking regions.

Elisse - is a French, Greek, & Hebrew name meaning "God's promise" or "my God is a vow" in all languages. French diminutive of Elisabeth or feminine form of Elisée. Introduced to English-speaking countries in the later half of the 19th century. (My middle name is Elise... so same name... altered spelling!)

I also wanted to share the pictures of our finished nursery. One of the reasons we bought this house five years ago is because of the "sitting room" off the master bedroom. Because we attached this room to our bedroom instead of making it a freestanding room like the model home our house is technically a three bedroom (instead of four). But I always knew that when we had a child we would turn this room into the nursery for at least a year or two... so here it is... We have been working all summer!

So... although Finn may not be here until the spring it was very important for me to have the room ready before school started and I got so busy at work.

We are officially in that long wait. We are totally "paper pregnant" but without a due date. We have just decided to be as ready as possible in case the call comes sooner rather than later.

I know I am not blogging much... but I want to share this with those of you playing along from home. We are so excited and happy and can't wait to meet out little Finley Elisse!

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