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Monday, January 30, 2006

My hubby Doppo...

About a year ago in THIS POST I told you about my husband voicing anime... now you can see and hear a little bit of his work... Go HERE and the click on CONTENDERS... go to page 3 turn on your sound and click on DOPPO... yep that is my hubby... the guy above Doppo (Katuo) also shows Mr. D's famous "eating noises"... Good thing he has an acting coach for a wife huh???

We are on Super Bowl countdown and very excited for the commercial... We are having a couple of people over... but being very low key about the whole thing. Mr. D's agent called and we should get a check in the mail in the next 2 days... if the amount she mentioned was right it is almost double what we expected... we are not sure why or what that means but you can bet we will be RUNNING as fast as we can to the bank when we get it.

Other than that I am just trying to stay positive about TTC... but this month was especially hard for me. Today is cd 8 so we are gearing up for the marathon to start in a few days.

Anyway.. just thought I would share my handsome husband with the rest of the world...

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

About the commercial...

We will now interrupt the regularly scheduled BFN bullshit to tell you a bit about the commercial...

First you have to know that it is Mr. D's biggest fear that it will not air... That he will end up on a cutting room floor somewhere and people will call us after the Super Bowl saying "Hey.. I watched for you but..." In fact I wanted to have a big Super Bowl "Commercial" Watching Party, but was quickly told "no way" that he did not want a bunch of our wierd friends over here staring at him and waiting for this commercial to air. So... no party. It is always possible that it won't air... but pretty unlikely considering the amount of $$$ it must've cost to shoot the thing!Last week he did some looping for his two lines and subsequently got to see a rough cut of the commercial... He says it is really funny and he has seemed much more excited and positive about it actually airing... But we will be watching to see it for the first time with the whole word on Super Bowl Sunday.

So... Sometime during the Super Bowl it will premiere... We have no idea when. I guess that it is possible that you may catch it before the game if they do spots on TV previewing the Super Bowl commercials. The commercial is a Budweiser spot with the Clydesdales playing football... This is the 3rd or 4th of this series of commercials that have been running since 1994. In fact they have been running the one from 4 years ago with the Clydesdales and the "Ref" Zebra this past week... we hope it is to "prep" for the new commercial. In this one there are horses, bears, and a dancing sheep involved.

Here are two pictures that Mr. D took on the set..One of the horses (they are filming them line up to play football... a real loooong shot because the actors were kept away from the animals for safety reasons)

And one of Mr. D and the other guy.. Mr. D. is on the left looking very gruff... (his beard is usually not nearly that grey!)

So that is about it.. all we know. We are still waiting and praying for the checks to start a-rollin in...

Mr. D. is also featured this month in a Chevy Tahoe commercial... no lines but a quick shot (again as a cowboy) and the other guy says "wow." Maybe soon we will see some cash and start being able to begin building our savings back up and paying our credit cards back down after the "Holiday Season of Animal Trauma."

And now back to the regularly scheduled Infertility...

Oh... PS... Remember back in May when I won the Theatre Teacher of The Year Hero Award? Well... they have put up these strange billboards and trucks all around the DFW area... "honoring" the teachers in the different subjects that won this award. There is something very strange about driving through downtown Ft. Worth after a night of boozing it up with friends and seeing your face on the side of a panel truck. I am not sure of how much I like the "honor" of having a bad picture of myself with a bunch of wacky teachers displayed larger than life on the side of the road... but here I am in all my glory... posing at 2am beside one of my trucks. I recently cut bangs... what do you think of the side by side comparison??? (Please be kind... these billboards and trucks will be on the loose for several more months...)

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Monday, January 23, 2006

cd 1...

Quick Update!!!

Welcome SAMI!!! Congratulation Chas on your beautiful daughter!!! We are all so happy for you!!

I had a good-ish time is Austin... AF held on just long enough that I actually thought that this was the month... but of course... it wasn't. Today is CD 1. My progesterone symptoms were really strong this month. I really hate the progesterone... I am considering quitting it... I just don't know how much longer I can take these fake symptoms and heartbreak month after month... The bloating alone sends me over the edge each month... I gain like 5 pounds at the end of each cycle... and I feel like nothing fits and really depressed. I know I need to stay on the progesterone each month... but I am getting really tired of feeling like shit and "not in control" of my emotions for 20 days every month.

OK.. I am rambling... got to go to work....

blah blah blah blah blah.....

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

CD 29... normal.

My best friend Nic told me I needed to update my blog more... but I have just been enjoying the "normalness"... So much in fact that I am on CD 29 and have no plans to test. I just don't want to deal with anything else right now. I have all sorts of "fake-progesterone-induced" possible pregnancy symptoms but as you know I have those every month.. and if you remember this month is a long shot. So I think I will just wait and see. I sort of feel like AF is coming on and I am expecting a shorter cycle this months since I got my PEAK on cd 14 instead of 16 or 17 like usual. So... no testing for me until at least Sunday... maybe longer...

I leave tonight for three day theatre educators conference in Austin. I think it will be fun especially because Mr. D. is coming with me for the first two days. If the have a computer center I may update in efforts to be a better blogger... but if all this "normal" continues... I may wait until I get home on Saturday evening. I will see all the theatre teachers from the entire state.. so it is really fun and I always learn a lot.... plus I am just happy to be away from the classroom and in a posh hotel for a change!

Mr. D. got a show in Houston for the month of March... So I am really happy for him but it is so hard when he is away. I have all kinds of miscarriage flashback from 2 years ago when he was last in Houston... but it is good money and I just can not be the wife that begrudges her husbands awesome successes just because I selfishly want him here... Thankfully... one of the weeks is my spring break so I will be able to go there for the week to visit... (Ally will you still be in Houston then?) So I will try to look as it as a vacation. It is onlty 28 days right??? I can make it and nothing bad will happen... right???

OK... got to run... It is 7:13 and I have to get the haircolor off my head before 7:20... plus finish packing and junk before I go to work!

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Getting Better...

Thank you for all the get well wishes for Emmitt... he seems to be on the mend. We are on day 3 without a vet visit.. and for us that is a record! We will see the vet on Monday for a check up but hopefully things will be looking good. Emmitt has been sleeping a lot but when he is awake he is very much his old puppy-ish self. I don't generally believe in dressing animals as humans (big pet Monica on FRIENDS..) But he has been shivering a lot so Mr. D. went out and bought him the "manly-ist" doggy sweater we could find. I actually think he looks really cute.

Here is a quick snap of the regime that we have been on... It includes 6 pills a day and putting 3 different eye meds in 7 times a day... exhausting.

I am up early this AM sort of worrying about my Mom's surgery. Please say a quick prayer for a speedy recovery. I will be waiting all morning for the phone call that she is out of surgery and doing well...

In other news I have been busy this week auditioning for our big one act play competition. I think I will announce the cast today and start rehearsals next week.

I have nothing planned for the weekend but I do have a couple of projects that I plan to get started. Other than that this is day 3 of "normal".

Thanks for supporting me through all of this... It has been a rough 3 weeks.

Have a great "normal" weekend.

Oh yeah... cd 24... no plans to test.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Update for Jess...

If if weren't for bad luck....

I am still in doggy trauma hell... My indoor-totally-spoiled-recovering-from-surgery puppy was able to somehow GET A FREAKIN VENOMOUS SPIDER BITE near his incision point from the bladder surgery. SOOOOO... he has a knot on his tummy the size of a golf ball that is now oozing venom. The vet said she has never seem a dog with worse luck. In fact they didn't charge me to treat the bite because I was sobbing in the vet office this morning about having NO MORE $$$ to give the freakin vet. Thank goodness they are helping us. I am now "watching" the bite to make sure it doesn't get bigger or pussier... jeez. Maybe later I will post a pic... right now.. it is not even postable.

I haven't slept in days and am so overwhelmed with this vet stuff and money stuff that I feel like I am totally losing my shit. I just want my dog to get better so I can get back to real life.

I have no clue what cd I am on (somewhere in the early 20's) and after these 3 weeks I am SERIOUSLY wondering if I am actually capable of taking care of an actual child.

Sorry to whine so much.. but I am in $3000 and still have a pretty sick pooch on my hands.

*** I must say that this is $3000 in "play money" (ie.. credit cards...) I would never have been so bold to have spent this $$$ on fertility treatments or anything crazy like that because like I said.. It is actually money WE DON"T ACTUALLY HAVE...

Thank God... Mr. D. is back safe and sound... but I am beginning to feel like he wishes he were still out of town with all the "fun" going on here... it has been a real strain. Please pray that things ease up on us soon... and that we both get a good night's sleep.

While you are praying... my mom is having gallbladder removal surgery on Friday. She is in North Carolina so it is always worrisome when she has to have a procedure and I can't be there with her. It should be a breeze.. but please say a prayer for her anyway. Prayer is the only thing getting me through lately.

Some good news... Mr. D. got a new character that he is "voicing " for American TV... The show is called BASILISK and his character is Hattori... I think this is a recurring character so it may bring in some $$$. That anime stuff is really hot. Hopefully it will air sometime this year on Cartoon Network. Here is a pic... It looks just like him (hee hee hee).

Going to bed... I promise to try to catch up on all your blogs soon... as soon as I can get back to a semi-normal schedule.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My Top 3 Un-fun Things... NOW WITH UPDATES...

The top two un-fun things in my life right now are as follows... (not necessarily in this order...)

1. Infertility
2. Doggy Incontinence
3. See below... UPDATE...

***You don't want the gory details... but lets just say I am getting lots of practice with diapers... ironic isn't it?

24 hours later...
hmmm... I sound so glib and cheerful in this post... but 12 hours later the doggy incontinece turned into a full fledged ureter obstruction. Tonight Emmitt is home recovering from EMERGENCY bladder surgery today... A total fluke and completely unrelated to his last surgery... ch-ching... $800. We do not have another $800... As Mr. D. says "it is only money..."

On to more pleasent subjects...

OK.. I can't say much... but the commercial is for a major beer company that uses football playing Clydesdale horses in their adds. In fact on the set today there were Clydesdales, sheep, bears and 2 cowboys all being filmed in both the Lone Pine mountains and in front of a green screen. Mr. D. sounds like he is having a great time... but he is worried about me left here with a dribbling dog.

So got to run change a diaper... ick... at least I am only dealing in pee...


hmmm... I could use a Bud.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year.

We have had some good news! (no... we are not pregnant...) BUT... Mr. D. leaves today to go to LA to shoot a B-I-G National Superbowl commercial! This commercial has great earning potential... that is the way commercials work... they pay you upfront for your shoot time (he'll be in LA for 3 or 4 days) and then you make $$$ every time it airs. So if it is a Superbowl favorite... it could be a nice amount of cake!

You guys know how I am about him(or anyone) flying... so please say a quick prayer for a safe trip.

I will let you know more about it after it shoots... It is a beer commercial and Mr. D. is a cowboy... That's about all we know so far. That and they are flying him there first class and sending a car to pick him up! Yay for my super talented hubby!

On the flip side I am on cd 14 today and got a PEAK this AM... we were able to try on cd 12 & 13... but that is it for this month since he leave in a couple of hours for LA. I go to the doctor tomorrow for my liver function test... I guess it will be pointless to ask for an u/s... since I will probably have already "O"ed.

All the animals are doing OK. I took Emmitt back to the vet yesterday and his eye is almost healed... so we have to go back next week. Hannah the cat is doing well on he shots and Mr. D. and I are becoming experts at giving them.

OK... well the next 4 days will be good "check in on Jamie" days... since my hubby will be out of town and I get notoriously lonely. I am so proud of him... but I probably won't sleep well until he is back at home on Thursday or Friday.

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